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Cellphone Gps Tracking (dt)
Telephone Monitoring

Ky. Supreme Court: Warrant Needed for Police to Ping, Track Phones

June 16, 2022
In its 4-3 opinion, Kentucky's highest court ruled that citizens have a right to privacy under the U.S. and state constitutions that should protect their real-time cell-site location...


Automated Notification Systems

Butt Calls, Eye-Rollers, Disbelievers and Scowlers

March 15, 2012
Law Enforcement and other emergency dispatchers have to listen to a lot just to determine whether or not the call to 911 is actually an emergency. Sometimes it's funny; sometimes...
Multi-Language Technology

Your Five Minutes of Fame

Feb. 9, 2012
As we all know, technology has minimized video and audio capability to the point where the average citizen can have apps on their smart phones that the CIA would have loved just...
Multi-Language Technology

Secure your personal data online

Nov. 3, 2011
Agency leaders should be pushing to learn about, and reinforce, the importance of keeping their data secure.
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Voxida Call Recording, Monitoring and Reporting Software Modules

Feb. 17, 2011
See the following pages for more information on available modules and their functions Voxida Secure: Advanced security controls for HIPAA, PCI compliance and meet internal audit...
Public Safety

Voxida Voice and Video Recording Software

Feb. 17, 2011
Call and e911 Center Recording with the Voxida Software Suite: Record, analyze, monitor and report on your digital PBX, VoIP telephone and radio calls with VoxidaVoxida is designed...