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Butt Calls, Eye-Rollers, Disbelievers and Scowlers

March 15, 2012
Law Enforcement and other emergency dispatchers have to listen to a lot just to determine whether or not the call to 911 is actually an emergency. Sometimes it's funny; sometimes...
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Retire Already!

Feb. 14, 2012
I nudged my relief who finally opened her eyes. Without acknowledging the lack of her diligence (or any movement at all) she pulled out her headset, shoved herself up out of her...
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A Letter to an Officer’s Wife

Nov. 11, 2011
Be patient. Be kind. Remember the man under the uniform. This new label, “cop” doesn’t define him although it does alter him.
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Supervising Strengths

Nov. 4, 2011
By the power vested in me by the jurisdiction of ________, in the County of ________, and the State of ________, I’m the BOSS, DAMMIT!!! You WILL do to what I say!” Yeah, how ...
John Wills
With so many 'cooks in the kitchen' how is it being effectively coordinated?
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Gauging Our Nation's Defenses

Oct. 4, 2011
There is still a huge stumbling block when it comes to first responders being able to communicate with each other.