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Communications Testing Equipment

Communicating with Children

July 3, 2012
From babies to teenagers, officers handle situations involving children all the time. In each stage of development, children need something a little different from law enforcement...
Automated Notification Systems

For Dispatchers, Is Organizational Stress The Worst Kind?

June 21, 2012
As a public safety telecommunications operator stress exists all around. But it’s not the external stress that’s the hardest to deal with. It’s the unseen management, too many...
Automated Notification Systems

Butt Calls, Eye-Rollers, Disbelievers and Scowlers

March 15, 2012
Law Enforcement and other emergency dispatchers have to listen to a lot just to determine whether or not the call to 911 is actually an emergency. Sometimes it's funny; sometimes...
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Streamlining for safety (and convenience)

Feb. 29, 2012
At its best, an officer’s patrol car is his or her mobile office. It is chock full of everything they need to get the job done. At its worst, it can be a death trap – chock full...

Muddy Boots Leadership

Feb. 21, 2012
When officers are being asked to “do everything with nothing,” it costs a leader nothing but muddy boots to walk with them – and it can inspire extraordinary effort