Updated Technology Equals Efficiency

From in car devices, to speed enforcement, range equipment, and phones, newer equipment improves policing.

Editor Hilary Romig, CSI
Editor Hilary Romig, CSI
Officer Media Group

The Law Enforcement Technology October/November issue covers numerous topics that are part of the typical public safety routine. Traffic stops and speed enforcement are part of daily operations for a patrolman. Though the concept of RADAR has been around for decades, the latest versions are much more sophisticated. In this issue, we cover the latest technology as well as the differences of LIDAR and RADAR and what aspects departments need to consider before purchasing a specific speed enforcement device. Having the right type of speed enforcement device for your agency can make a difference in the overall success of enforcing speed limit laws and keeping your community safe. 

That being said, mobile connectivity is getting a lot of attention. More and more vehicles are becoming equipped with V2X antennas. These are able to connect with other vehicles as well as with mobile connectivity in city traffic setups and may help to decrease traffic accidents. What does this mean for the future of public safety? This type of technology offers preemptive capabilities which allow patrol officers to be much more aware of road conditions or situations down the road through automated notifications received in their vehicles. For police officers, this means safer streets and increased situational awareness, as well as the ability to respond to calls faster.

Every piece of technology used daily plays a role in the grand scheme of law enforcement and helps officers be more efficient. From technology within patrol cars, speed enforcement equipment, new gadgets on the range, down to smartphones used for additional communication; as long as each of these areas are kept up to date public safety personnel can do their best to remain vigilant. We cover each and every aspect of these innovations so that you know what to look forward to for your department.

At the end of the day, the more advanced technology becomes the more it can be implemented into daily police work to make life easier without compromising safety, integrity, or efficiency. For all that it offers though, technology only increases efficiency of the law enforcement professionals - it never replaces them. No computer has ever put handcuffs on a bad guy so stay safe and stay alert.  

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