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Officer Quickfire News Recap: First Week of May

It can be hard to keep up with all of the news that occurs on daily basis.

Because of this, the staff presents the "Quickfire Weekly Recap."

Here are some of the stories you may have missed that ran on our site this week:

Weekend (May 2-4)

The first weekend of May proved to be a tragic one as three law enforcement officers lost their lives and a Sheriff's K-9 was killed in the line of duty.

An LAPD police officer was killed in hit-and-run crash early Saturday morning that critically injured his partner.

Officer Roberto Sanchez and his partner followed a car making a U-turn when their vehicle was slammed on the driver's side by an oncoming SUV. The driver of the SUV then fled on foot.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper and two other people died after being struck by a pickup truck on the side of a highway Saturday.

Trooper Chelsea Richard was investigating an earlier crash involving two cars on I-75 when she and the two drivers involved in the crash were hit.

An Eatonton, Ga. police officer suffered a fatal heart attack Sunday night while breaking up a fight at a McDonald's.

Officer Noel Hawk collapsed while the suspects were being arrested and was pronounce dead at a local hospital.

A Worcester County, Md. Sheriff's Office dog died in the line of duty on Saturday.

K-9 Ike was struck by a car after jumping out of the window of a cruiser during a traffic stop.

Monday (May 5)

Police in Arkansas say that a gunman shot six people at a home over the weekend before fatally shooting a worker at a nearby business.

A man and a teenager were killed at the home and the suspect was later found dead of a gunshot wound in the driver's seat of a stopped car in Jonesboro.

Memphis police officials say that bystanders helped subdue a suspect who climbed into a crusier and reached for an officer's gun.

Police say Alphonso Johnson crawled into the vehicle and tried to undo the officer's holster. Witnesses watching from the corner ran to the car, pulled the man out and helped subdue him until more officers arrived.

Police officers in Pennsylvania no longer need a warrant to search vehicles following a decision from the state Supreme Court.

The high court's 4-2 decision says police need only probable cause to search a vehicle while they previously had to obtain a search warrant from a judge in most cases.

Authorities are trying to determine what led to a shooting at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Police said that a housekeeping employee was shot in the ankle in a struggle over a gun with a retired worker, who left after the shooting.

Tuesday (May 6)

The 20th Annual Blue Mass was held at St.Patrick's Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. ahead of Police Week.

Officers gathered and prayed honor of those those who serve in law enforcement and public safety and remembered the fallen.

A Humboldt County, Calif. Sheriff's deputy's bulletproof vest was credited with saving his life.

Officials say a homeowner opened fire on the deputy, who was serving a civil eviction at a residence in Shelter Cove.

A recently released report states that communication and coordination problems impeded efforts to stop rogue LAPD officer Christopher Dorner last year.

The report by the Police Foundation praised the overall work law enforcement officials, but also identified areas for improvement.

Prince George's County, Md. Police said they decided against live-tweeting a prostitution sting because of security concerns.

Officials did say they believe that announcing the plans served as a deterrent to would-be johns. No arrests were made during the sting.

Wednesday (May 7)

DEA agents served hundreds of search and arrest warrants in at least 25 states in a national crackdown on synthetic drug manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

The agency has been cracking down on synthetic drugs -- including so-called bath salts, spice and Molly -- since they first gained popularity years ago.

Two Bellaire, Ohio police officers and two arrestees are recovering after two cruisers collided Tuesday night.

Officials say the collision occurred after the two suspects were loaded into separate cruiser and one of them became combative, causing the crash that totaled both cruisers.

Costa Mesa, Calif. officers were hailed for their actions after they rescued a teenage girl standing on the side of a freeway overpass Tuesday.

Police found the teen inching along the outer edge of the bridge while swallowing pills and were able to pull her to safety.

Dispatch calls were released from a shooting rampage at a FedEx facility outside Atlanta on April 29.

A security guard critically wounded by the gunman can be heard asking an emergency dispatcher to tell his wife that he loves her.

Thursday (May 8)

A Colorado State Patrol trooper was critically wounded and the suspected gunman was fatally shot Thursday.

Trooper Eugene Hofacker was rushed to a local hospital after he was shot while approaching the driver-side window of a vehicle stopped on the side of I-70 near Dotsero.

A Jackson County, Ind. Sheriff's deputy was shot twice after he was ambushed after responding to a call.

Officials said the deputy responded to a call about a suspicious person and was shot by a second man after approaching the suspect under the Highway 39 bridge.

The Portland Police Department has set up a work group to examine its juvenile custody directives following a case in which officers handcuffed a 9-year-old girl.

Capt. Dave Famous told a citizen oversight panel that the case shows an area in which the police department has a policy gap.

Friday (May 9)

A Sumter, S.C. police officer recently went above and beyond the call of duty for a 13-year-old boy.

Officer Gaetano Acerra showed up at Cameron Simmons' home with a truck full of gifts a few weeks after responding to a call there and realizing the teen didn't have any bedroom furniture.

L.E. officials and lawmakers are calling for a restoration to old funding levels for the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Program.

The program once reimbursed departments for half the cost of every vest. Today, the same program covers only one-third of those costs and approves fewer requests.

A review of the latest police employment data reported to the FBI shows police agencies serving jurisdictions with populations exceeding 50,000 employed an average of 17 officers per 10,000 residents.

The review found that police presence varies greatly across U.S. cities and is driven by call volumes, municipal budgets and a range of other factors.