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Judge Rules for Newspaper in Dispute Over Officers' Mug Shots

The U.S. Marshals Service had rejected a request for photos of police officers charged with corruption.

High Court to Hear Mistaken Traffic Stop Case

Justices will decide if there is probable cause if the officer mistakenly thinks that the driver broke the law.

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Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect

As professionals we pride ourselves on recognizing and helping children who needs us. Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect occurs frequently and often signs are missed. With information, juvenile...

Building a Brawny Brain

That age-related cognitive decline was inevitable for most people has long been taken for granted. But maybe it’s not so inevitable, after all. Advances in our understanding of the brain and how...

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Kickstarter: Police Projects

Note: Thoughts and opinions are my own, not of any publication under Cygnus...

We Have A Responsibility

As I sit to type out this blog entry I am all too aware of how easy it would...

Can you afford technology that saves lives?

Last week I attended the International Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP) in...

Deputy Heath Kelley

April 18

Responding Alabama Sheriff's Deputy Killed in Crash

Covington County Deputy Heath Kelley was en route to a crash when his...

Deputy Michael Severson

April 15

Wisconsin Deputy Paralyzed in 1991 Shooting Dies

Polk County Deputy Michael Severson was left paralyzed after being shot...

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