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Bulletproof Vest Saves Shot California Deputy

A Humboldt County, Calif. Sheriff's deputy's bulletproof vest has been credited with saving his life after a homeowner opened fire on him Tuesday afternoon.

The deputy was serving a civil eviction in Shelter Cove at the residence of William Lloyd Nelson when the 55-year-old allegedly shot him in the chest, according to The Times-Standard.

Officials said that when the deputy and a sergeant arrived at the home on Kelly Lane around 2:45 p.m., the suspect shot at the officers. Both officers returned fire exiting the residence and radioing for assistance.

It is unclear if Nelson was wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

Additional deputies, California Highway Patrol officers, the sheriff's office SWAT Team and crisis response negotiators and medical personnel responded to the scene.

A California Highway Patrol helicopter airlifted the injured deputy to a local hospital.

The investigation is ongoing.