Video: Escaped Kangaroo Jumps Out in Front of Texas Police Cruiser

May 29, 2024
Some Lufkin residents might have initially thought a kangaroo hopping down the road was actually a dog. But a police officer's dashboard camera showed that the marsupial was the real deal.

From armadillos, rattlesnakes and feral hogs, Texas has its share of unusual and diverse wildlife. Kangaroos, however, aren't among the marsupials that call the Lone Star State home.

So when a Lufkin police officer's dashboard camera captured the animal bounding across the road, the sighting came as a bit of a surprise.

The incident happened May 19 after the department received a report about a runaway kangaroo spotted on a residential street, KSAT-TV reports. The caller told the dispatcher that his wife had initially thought the animal was a dog.

But when police patrolled the area of the sighting, the kangaroo brazenly jumped in front of an officer's cruiser before hopping along its way. And the cruiser's dashboard camera proved that what the caller's wife saw was no dog.

According to police, the kangaroo escaped from its owner's property after a gate was left open. The animal was located after the police sighting and was safely returned to its owner.

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