Watch LAPD Chase Down Attempted Murder Suspect Fleeing on Bicycle

May 28, 2024
Dashboard camera footage captured an LAPD officer using a modified PIT maneuver to stop a suspect fleeing on a bicycle after he allegedly shot and wounded a family member.

LAPD officers chased down an attempted murder suspect, who tried to escape police on a bicycle roughly a month ago, and the pursuit was captured by a department dashboard camera.

The incident happened at around 11:45 a.m. April 26 when police received a call concerning a shooting in the Cypress Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, KABC-TV reports. According to police, the suspect—identified as John Lopez, 24—shot and wounded a relative after an argument and then fled the scene.

Shortly after the LAPD sent out an alert concerning the incident, the agency's air unit spotted Lopez on his bicycle, pedaling along the 5 Freeway.

Officers in cruisers quickly descended on Lopez's location and tried to get him to stop. Lopez ignored the officers, exiting the freeway and weaving in and out of traffic as he continued leading police on a chase.

Finally, an officer in an SUV performed a modified PIT maneuver, lightly bumping the back tire of Lopez's bike and sending him to the pavement. Lopez was charged with attempted murder after he was taken into custody, and police seized a small caliber firearm during his arrest.

The individual who was shot—identified as Lopez's brother—rushed to the hospital following the shooting. His injuries were not considered life-threatening, and he was held overnight for observation.

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