2020 Vehicles & Fleet Supplement

Oct. 2, 2020

When any command staff get together and start discussing the equipment that needs to be maintained by their officers or deputies, the list will inevitably include their sidearm, long guns, electronic control devices, radios and more. What sometimes doesn’t get discussed but is easily the most used piece of equipment an officer has is the patrol vehicle. When patrol vehicles are brought up in the conversation, fuel usage and visibility are often more talked about than maintenance. Oddly, regular and proper maintenance is perhaps the one thing that has the greatest impact on both fuel usage and service life of any patrol vehicle.

Inside the Issue:

  • Custom APC Options
    Do you know exactly what your team needs from your APC?
  • Patrolling Beyond the Streets
    Alternative vehicles allow law enforcement agencies ways to access areas traditional patrol vehicles can't.
  • How Many Miles are on Your Patrol Vehicle?
    Do you measure your vehicle use in miles or hours? There might be a benefit to one or the other.
  • The Right Rugged Mount: A Selection Guide
    There's a lot of equipment and technology modern patrol vehicles need, here's a brief guide on what you need to know when buying your next solution.
  • 5 Things Your Fleet Maintenance Manager Wishers You'd Say
  • and Product Showcase

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