The Latest Police Fleet Tires

March 9, 2020
These fleet tires offer better traction for any situation officers may encounter.
It’s crucial that tires on patrol units have the best grip possible for the roadways. Whether it’s for everyday patrol purposes, bad weather, or in a pursuit, some of the latest tires have been engineered to provide good grip and peace of mind with tires that are long lasting making them ideal for fleet use. 

Recently, all weather tires for police fleet vehicles have been improved in areas such as braking distance and tread life. Goodyear’s Eagle Enforcer line has some updated tires designed specifically for police cars and it meets federal qualifications for high speed pursuit needs. The All Weather Eagle Enforcer from Goodyear, is made with rubber that is soy-based, combined with silica to provide a unique grip no matter the road condition. The particular compound increases tread life for the tire as well. The Eagle Enforcer tires are engineered for fleets to provide improved performance in regard to traction, increase tire tread life, while in turn, providing officers with peace of mind and more confidence on the road. Likewise, Bridgestone/Firestone has a line of all season tires that enables added traction. Bridgestone/Firestone has the Firehawk PV41 designed particularly for law enforcement. The PV41 handles well in both dry and wet conditions and has fast steering response. The PV41 has longer lasting tread able to hold up to high-speed incidents.

BF Goodrich has a line of tires specifically designed for fleet vehicles. The Advantage T/A Sport model, has three different sizes that adhere to the US Government Cooperative Approved Tire List, CATL, engineered for most police vehicles. The T/A Sport is a year round tire with an increase in braking ability on wet roadways. The latest version increases this capability by 12%. Snow traction and dry roadway handling has also been increased with this tire. Wear and tear has improved by 25% as well. The T/A Sport is especially suitable for Chevrolet Tahoe PPV, the Ford Interceptor, and the Dodge Charger. Another all season tire option is the g-Force COMP-2 A/S. It’s also a CATL approved tire, that is capable of stopping around 15 feet more quickly on wet roads, with a braking distance of up to five feet shorter on dry roadways, and has reliable traction on snow. The g-Force is a good for police vehicles such as certain models of the Chevrolet Impala, and the Ford Crown Victoria.
When snow tires are a necessity, there are a few options for police fleet units to choose from. The Winter version of Goodyear’s Eagle Enforcer is equipped with ActiveForce Technology and ActiveResponse Technology. This particular type of technology allows tires to have an added grip on the road using winter tread, even in the midst of a pursuit and during times of extremely low temperatures. V-Tred works to displace water, snow and slush away from the tire, ultimately providing better traction. This keeps substances on the road away from the tire so as not to impede the driver. The tread pattern of the Eagle Enforcer Winter edition provides added grip on roads with snow and ice that is helpful for braking or starting in these conditions. The Firehawk PVS (Pursuit Vehicle Snow) tire is one of Bridgestone/Firestone’s snow tires. The PVS is engineered to stand up well during high-speed events in the winter months. As a result, the tire enhances a better steering response as well giving the driver better, overall control of the vehicle. The PVS is able to handle high-speed situations and offers drivers confidence on wet or dry roadways and performs well in snow.

These tire selections are especially designed and engineered for police fleet vehicles. “Goodyear’s Eagle Enforcer Family of police pursuit tires are specifically designed for each police vehicle platform”, says Rick Wendt, Account Manager and Local Government Sales for Goodyear. Wendt says this helps to ensure the best performance from each manufacturer. Each tire is designed and tested with first responder situations in mind as well as potential road conditions and situations, (high speed or otherwise) that officers may encounter. When a police vehicle is equipped with the proper tires, this increases officer safety and provides them with peace of mind that they will arrive at each call in a timely and safe manner.

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