Police Fleets Leveraging Vehicle Data for Improved Operations

Dec. 10, 2018
Key analytics used to positively impact law enforcement safety, fuel use and maintenance.

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Within law enforcement and government entities the utilization of data analytics software has found a solid place as a solution relied on to improve operations management and workforce performance. Insights previously not accessible are now being delivered to and leveraged by law enforcement teams to positively impact areas of safety, fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance. Now, positively impacting the state of operations looking forward is achievable with the use of vehicle data.

Vehicle Analytics Leveraged for Improved Safety

Key analytics insights garnered from the vehicle and the driver can significantly add value to law enforcement operations with enhancements to vehicle security and safety. Access to the vehicle GPS location can provide an added level of security to proactively prevent vehicle theft. Furthermore, information from the actual seat-belt use of the driver can also be provided to assist with proactive police officer safety coaching.

Vehicle Analytics Leveraged for Improved Fuel Efficiency

When in use, law enforcement vehicles often cycle between prolonged periods of idle which negatively impact fuel efficiency and thus increases overall fuel costs across operations. By monitoring vehicle idle use with today’s fuel efficiency solutions, law enforcement fleets can view real-time idle use by vehicle within easy-to-read dashboards and visualizations. As a next step, fuel efficiency solutions can then apply adjustments to improve how the vehicle consumes fuel to deliver valuable fuel cost savings. Additionally, adjustments can also be done to improve power-take off so that law enforcement vehicles can transition from idle to pursuit without losing the power they need during certain times on the job.

Aside from impacting the bottom line, utilizing analytics to improve fuel use can reduce CO2 emissions that law enforcement vehicles emit. Depending on the size of the fleet, reducing emissions could deliver significant benefits to the environment and public air quality.

Analytics Leveraged for Improved Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping fleet vehicles running well and maximizing the life-time of the vehicle is critical in order to keep operating costs in line with budgets. Though standard vehicle maintenance cannot be avoided, there are ways to leverage vehicle data in order to keep maintenance costs in budget and avoid unnecessary spend in the repair shop. With use of vehicle analytics, diagnostic trouble codes can be viewed by operations leads. This level of visibility can prevent an unnecessary trip to the repair shop and enable operations leads to have more clarity around the vehicle maintenance needed before committing to repair costs.

With access to vehicle analytics, law enforcement and government entities gain insights into a great volume of vehicle data. Those leveraging the use of this data today to evaluate key metrics are experiencing improvements to their fleet safety, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance. Now, the question is no longer “what metrics should law enforcements be looking at?” but rather, “what solution is best to deliver desired results?”

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Derive is an automotive technology company that empowers fleet managers to optimize their fleet’s performance beyond traditional telematics and driver training. Derive’s solution customizes fleets to be more fuel efficient, safer, and sustainable by using software that upgrades vehicle operating systems. With over 2 million software installations, Derive has transformed fleet performance from one-size-fits-all to mission-specific.   

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