Assembled Products™ Corporation announces the Groundbreaking Ceremony for our new Jotto Desk Facility

Feb. 8, 2024

After much prayer, planning and anticipation, Assembled Products Corporation (APC) is proud to announce the Groundbreaking Ceremony for our future Jotto Desk facility, Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at 2:30 pm CST. The ceremony will take place at the building site at 405 W. Easy Street, Rogers, AR.

APC first announced the concept of joining our current Jotto Desk, Avoca and Engineering buildings into one joint facility in 2021. This new facility will bring together three aspects of Jotto Desk under one roof and greatly improve daily processes and functions.

“Breaking ground on our new Jotto Desk building is a historical event.” said APC President and CEO Erin Kiefer. “For the past 30 years, Jotto Desk has operated out of separate facilities. Bringing many more team members under one roof will reap many benefits for us as well as for our customers. The new 80,000+ square foot building will be next built next door to our current Jotto Desk facility.”

APC Board of Directors, shareholders, employees and community alike will be present to help dedicate the site. APC President & CEO, Erin Kiefer; Vice President, Ben Kiefer; SVP of Sales & Marketing, Curt Hatton; National Sales Manager, James Elmore and contractor JC Construction of Rogers will be ready with shovels in hand to kick off construction for the future of Jotto Desk.

Assembled Products Corporation, founded in Rogers, Arkansas in 1983, is proud to call itself an Arkansas native. Assembled Products began with a family’s desire to help a grandparent have easier mobility leading to the creation of the world’s first electric shopping cart, Mart Cart™. In the years to come, APC would include the addition of Spray Master™ Technologies with the first central pressure washer system followed by Jotto Desk™ and the first mobile office desk. Today, APC serves to facilitate the needs of businesses and services worldwide and are thrilled to be celebrating their 40th anniversary. Assembled Products has been blessed to have visionary leaders, and a strong leadership team that accepts challenges and thrives in them. Over the past 40 years, there have been hundreds of employees and dozens that have impacted Assembled Products during their tenure. Their fingerprints have helped create the company that we are, as we look forward to another 40 years.

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