EV-R Target System

March 29, 2024

The EV-R Target System from Evolve Range Solutions is the latest development in shooting range target systems. Based on the latest technology, it is designed to give shooters the best shooting experience. Using video gaming technology and a proprietary hit detection system, EV-R Target System projects targets that react when hit. This provides the shooter with a full selection of targets and shooting games.

Unlike traditional methods, EV-R transcends standard paper targets and laser-based simulators, offering the most realistic and effective training experience possible. The EV-R Target System digitally projects targets onto the material without the need for lasers or attachments, ensuring unparalleled realism and feedback.


  • Marksmanship:  Diverse range of targets challenges trainees to hone accuracy under various conditions, from traditional bullseye to dynamic silhouette targets.
  • Timing and Accuracy:  Dynamic-moving targets test both speed and precision, with timed and scored exercises progressively enhancing skill levels.
  • Decision Making: Realistic shoot/don't shoot scenarios and targets with vital zones elevate training, providing invaluable insights for both trainees and instructors.
  • Scenario-Based Exercises:  Customizable live videos of real-world situations ensure immersive training tailored to specific needs, whether using pre-loaded scenarios or filming encounters with iPhone or Android devices.