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Massachusetts State Police Patch (ma; Tns)

Mass. Police Detonate Bomb-Making Material after Attacking Officer

Nov. 29, 2021
An Eastham police officer needed to use pepper spray in a confrontation with a suspect while trying to serve a trespass notice, and that led to the Massachusetts State Police ...
John Wills
With so many 'cooks in the kitchen' how is it being effectively coordinated?
Automated Notification Systems

Gauging Our Nation's Defenses

Oct. 4, 2011
There is still a huge stumbling block when it comes to first responders being able to communicate with each other.
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Bomb Blankets

Officer Radio 9/22/11: Active Shooter Response Evolution

Join Editor Frank Borelli and his guests as we discuss how Active Shooter Response has evolved since Columbine, Virginia Tech and more.
Intelligence Consulting Partners, LLC
Body Armor Protection


Dec. 28, 2010
The IACP condones head shots in the event of an uncooperative suicide bomber. This is a necessary resolution to eliminate an imminent threat and save lives.
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Bomb Blankets

OMT-Entry One- Clan Lab Vest

Jan. 4, 2010
The OMT-CLAN LAB ENTRY VEST was developed through extensive research by the Drug Enforcement Administration Clan-Lab Academy and offers the tactical officer maximum protection...