Accused Getaway Driver Fatally Shot after Grabbing N.M. Police Officer's Rifle

April 12, 2024
After arresting a suspect in several armed robberies in a Walmart parking lot, Albuquerque police confronted her alleged getaway driver, who grabbed an officer's rifle and opened fire.

An alleged armed robbery getaway driver was fatally shot Thursday by New Mexico police when he grabbed an officer's rifle and opened fire.

The incident happened at about 11:35 a.m. when Albuquerque police officers had located Ardriana Gonzales—a suspect in several armed robberies with outstanding warrants—in a Walmart parking lot, KRQE-TV reports. She was accompanied by a man, who also had an outstanding arrest warrant.

Officers arrested Gonzales when the man—who was not identified by police—went inside the store. When he exited the store, police confronted the suspect.

While talking with the suspect, the man grabbed an officer's rifle and began shooting. The suspect got off multiple rounds before he was fatally shot by police.

No officers were injured in the exchange. Police recovered a handgun from the suspect's body.

According to police, Gonzales told investigators that her companion had been her getaway driver during armed robberies she had committed. 

“This is just one of those reminders. Our officers are confronted with life-and-death situations every day, and it is very concerning when you see the type of videos of what happened today and the position that our officers were placed in. And, like I said, I am just so grateful for their bravery and the fact that none of them were injured or killed,” said Chief Harold Medina.

The shooting is under investigation.

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