The 2020 Firearms & Accessories Supplement

March 6, 2020
The 2020 Firearms & Accessories Supplement covers the results of off-duty firearm preferences; the differences between what’s required for combat, for on-duty, and what’s necessary for off-duty; and look at the ammunition in today's handguns

The firearms industry has to be one of the most quickly evolving yet oldest industries in the world. If you think that’s silly, consider how much firearms changed between single-action revolvers in the late 1800s through to today’s polymer-framed semi-automatics handguns. Consider the difference between six new-to-the-world metallic cartridges and 18 or more rimless cartridges. Consider the difference between basic, hopefully not bent, sights and red dot optics.

It’s not just the firearms that have evolved but also the accessories, cleaning equipment, even the ammunition that has changed over the years. This supplement was put together to help you keep up.

Inside the Issue:

  • Off-Duty Weapon Survey Results
    We performed a survey of over 2,500 officers to determine the characteristics of the most popular off-duty handguns being carried today. The results were... eye-opening.
  • Combat, Duty & EDC: What’s the Difference?
    Too many advertising photographs depict modular handgun weapon systems as every day carry guns. That's just not realistic. So what is?
  • How to Select Your Duty Ammo
    We've come a long way from using lead round nose bullets and today's ammo choices are vast. How do you go about selecting your duty ammo?

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