Meopta Sports Optics ZD 1-4x22 RD Scope

Nov. 15, 2021
As promised, Editorial Director Frank Borelli reviews the Meopta ZD 1-4x22 RD scope mounted on his Henry Repeating Arms lever action .30-30 rifle.

In last month’s recreational/off-duty column you all got a look at the Henry Repeating Arms All-Weather Lever Action Side Gate .30-30 rifle. If you paid attention you noted that on it was mounted a Meopta Sports Optics ZD 1-4x22 RD scope. If you paid even closer attention, you noted that I promised a review of that scope this month—and here we are.

To understand why I’d want a 1-4x magnification optic on that rifle, you’d need to understand that, from my perspective, the .30-30 is optimal for engagements at 300 yards or less. Ideally, I’d like the targets to be at 100 yards or less. For deer hunting (or similar), this is what seems best to me and putting a 1-4x scope on a 20” barreled .30-30 rifle meets that need perfectly in my mind. Personal admission: The rifle and the optic are both very capable at much greater ranges—out to 600 yards or more. I’m not comfortable with my skill level hunting at such ranges; that’s why I limit my shooting with this combo to 300 yards or less, and preferably within 100 yards.

With a 22mm objective lens and true 1x magnification, it’s easy to acquire a target with both eyes open and then adjust the magnification if desired. The main tube size is 30mm—very common and easy to find mounts for. Eye relief is between 3.2-3.5 inches, which I also consider optimal. The windage and elevation adjustments allow for as much as 117 inches (almost 10 feet!) at 100 yards.

The RD illuminated reticle system provides for seven different levels of intensity with an OFF position in between each setting. As a shooter who is both near-sighted and challenged with a stigmatism, the value of options in brightness levels can’t be articulated. Finding the perfect illumination in comparison to the environmental lighting conditions (sunny, overcast, twilight, etc) is quick and easy.

I zeroed my scope/rifle combination at 50 yards and then fired through two boxes of ammo to make sure I knew my “dope” from 25 yards to 100 yards. My time in precision rifle school taught me to zero at 100, but my (limited) experience with hunting told me I’d rather have the zero at 50 because most of my shots will be closer to that range. (Editor’s note: the only thing not fun about this process was how sore my shoulder was the next day.)

I consider this scope a fine example of Meopta’s product line. I plan to purchase another so I can put one on my AR for potential three-gun competitions. For more info check out 

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