Two Dream Glocks For Me

Oct. 5, 2012
I've been a Glock fan ever since I got past how square they looked. Now I just have a dream of two new models.

With 23 different variations of Glock available you'd think they make something for everyone.  I have to confess that, at one time or another, I've owned six of their handguns in 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP.  Certainly their handguns are reliable, simple and "convenient:" easy to handle, easy to maintain.  Still, I find myself wishing Glock would make two more variations - and I readily admit that it's all about me (as I write this) although I'm sure some folks out there would also take an interest in the fictional weapons I'm going to describe.

First would be the Glock Model 40 in 9mm.  For the basis of this model I draw from the frame of the Glock 17 and the slide assembly the Glock 19.  When you think back about the popularity of "Commander" style 1911 .45s, it seems obvious to me that the combination would make for a popular weapon.  Further argument for it could be made by examining the number of people who carry Glock 19s but put +1 or +2 floorplates on their magazines (adding 1 or 2 to the 15 round capacity) so they get the capacity of a Glock 17 (17 rounds per magazine).  Even with a Glock 19 slide assembly you still get a six inch sight radius (distance between the sights) and a four inch barrel, so accuracy is certainly no issue.

Try to picture such a weapon: full-size G17 frame under a mid-size G19 slide assembly.  The weapon would use regular G17 magazines and if you wanted even more ammo in the gun you could add +1 or +2 floorplates to those (giving you 20 rounds in the weapon if you include the one in the chamber).  The weapon would work in all holsters made to fit the Glock 19 and would still have sufficient space on the front of the frame for an accessory rail if customers insist on having it (though Glock would probably just make it standard).

The second weapon, my dream Glock Model 41, would be in .45ACP - although I recognize reality and expect that Glock would make it in .45GAP (because I doubt they'll ever make a new model weapon in .45ACP since they have their own proprietary cartridge in that caliber).  Using the slimline features of the Glock 36 - a single stack .45ACP that uses a six round magazine and is roughly the same size as a Glock 19 - and chambering it in .45GAP would allow the frame to be truly comfortable no matter what your hand size.  The smallest "stripped down" grip would fit even the smallest of hands, and by adding fill pieces to the backstrap (an option already in use on the 4th generation Glocks) you could adjust the size larger as needed.

I'd like to see the weapon have a full length frame instead of the shortened grip of the Glock 36 so that it would hold a minimum of seven but possibly eight rounds.  Additionally, rather than the short barrel on the Glock 36, I'd love to see it have a 4.5" barrel.  What you'd end up with is a .45 that is as slim as the Model 36 (which fits in most of the Glock 19 holsters by the way), but with a 6.5"+ sight radius and eight or nine rounds in the weapon.  It would be approximately the size of a government model .45 but much lighter and with all integrated safeties which require no extra manipulation to fire the weapon.

So, those are my two "dream" Glocks.  I don't think I'll ever see either one become reality, short of having a custom frame made that is G17 size but with a shortened dust cover to fit the G19 slide assembly.

Your thoughts?

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