Product News: 17 News & Announcements from SHOT Show

Feb. 24, 2020
A collection of news, product releases, and announcements from SHOT Show 2020 as featured in the Law Enforcement Product News 2020 issue.

As anyone that has attended the Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show - ever - it's big. Miles of booths. Thousands of product on display. And tens of thousands of people shuffling shoulder to shoulder to get the latest information on the latest announcements. It's an event significant enough that its app (yes, the show can an app) that gives you directions to get you to your next booth appointment (which always is on the other side of the room).

Lt. Frank Borelli wrote a helpful short survival guide at "SHOT Show: Survival Lessons Applicable to the Street" ( In brief suggests to pack your food, bring your own water, wear the right shoes, use your backpack correctly, and sleep.

For those out there that missed this year's show ... 

Here are 17 News & Announcements from SHOT Show

As featured in the Law Enforcement Product News February 2020 issue.

Casual style boots based on popular special ops

The Original Footwear Company (OFC) marked its 20th anniversary as one of the military’s and law enforcement’s leading suppliers of rugged footwear by introducing a consumer version of its top-selling boot used by the elite U.S. Navy Seals.

Patterned after the company’s authentic Maritime Assault line, the new Urban Assault is part of OFC’s 2020 Altama Collection. Geared for active use outside the confines of the military and law enforcement, the Urban Assault combines a lighter weight knit upper with sticky rubber outsole for added comfort and durability.

“We’re excited to be expanding our offering with the launch of a casual product that our loyal customer base has been looking for,” said Kevin Cole, CEO of Original Footwear. “The Urban Assault is built for the gym and training but is equally great for just running around town on your day off. It mirrors the look and feel of our core shoes, without the water resistant materials and drainage systems necessary for our brave men and women of the military.”

To celebrate the launch of the new footwear, OFC partnered with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) and has made a donation to the non-profit. SOWF is an American tax-exempt 501 nonprofit organization founded in 1980 to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to the surviving children of Special Ops personnel killed in the line of duty.

Towards that end, OFC welcomed SOWF President and CEO Major General Clayton Hutmacher, and Special Agent Thomas Quinn. Since the inception of SOWF in 1980, over 1,100 special ops service members have lost their lives, leaving close to 900 children in need of financial assistance for their education. Since 2006, SOWF has also provided immediate financial assistance to special operations service members severely wounded.

OFC was recently acquired by Brand Velocity Partners (BVP), a private equity firm incorporating financial support with a branding and marketing accelerator. BVP offers low to mid-size companies the capital and marketing muscle needed to grow their brands. “Over its long history, Original Footwear has become an integral part of Americana for many both in and out of the military and law enforcement,” said Cole. “We are thrilled that Original Footwear will now be leveraging BVP’s best-in-class marketing to expand our footprint in the years ahead.” 

Lightweight IIIA protection 

Spectra Shield offers a lightweight solutions to body armor on a LEVEL IIIA protection. The Spectra Shield 6360 is an advanced ballistic material for the creation of soft body armor that provides the highest level of protection for law enforcement.

The newest addition to the Spectra Shield 6000 series, Spectra Shield 6360 will enable ballistic apparel manufacturers to design improved, light weight and comfortable protective vests that meet new stringent law enforcement regulations globally. In tests, Spectra Shield 6360 demonstrated up to 7% more ballistic protection than its predecessor in the Spectra Shield 5000 series, reducing the risk of blunt force trauma with greater absorption of energy from bullets.

Honeywell’s Spectra Shield 6000 series also includes Spectra Shield 6472, which was specifically developed for high-performance hard armor and for helmet manufacturers to create the next generation helmets. 

Protecting the K-9 officer’s hands 

Titan K-9 Gloves are tough and able to handle the wear-and-tear that comes with handling a K-9 while still protecting your hands with Level 5 Cut-Resistance. The Titan K-9 Glove-Light System includes a P3P Light so handlers can maintain safety and control. These particular gloves use a remote pressure pad that activates the LED light by simply tapping your finger resulting in hands free lighting, The light is detachable and offers 500 lumens. 

Broco Tactical’s new products

Broco Tactical exhibited the newest in their line of forced entry and rescue and repair products for law enforcement, military and first responders. On display was the new full size, multi-function, stand-alone Broco Breacher Training Door, the Gapper Electric Hydraulic Spreader and the new and improved, patent pending, Easylight 2 Cutting Rods.

The Broco Breacher Training Door is the most versatile training door on the market today and is designed for breacher training using rams, pry bars, hydraulic tools, cutting saws, ballistics and explosive strip charges. It is constructed of T1 heat treated steel, is 1 3/4” thick on the working edge like a real door, and can be used freestanding or within other breacher training configurations.

“Breaching is an integral segment of our forced entry market,” said Richard Ferry, president of Broco Rankin. “This new door is designed to meet the training needs of our law enforcement, military and first responder customers that rely on Broco products.”

The Gapper is Broco’s new backpacked electric hydraulic power pack with a CF-3 (Crow’s Foot) spreader. (See page 11 in this issue for more details.)

Also on display at the SHOT Show was the new and improved Broco Easylight 2 Cutting Rods which can be ignited from a 9V battery, mechanical sparker or open flame. Rod ignition is even faster under the patent pending design. Easylight 2s are 24” long and 3/8” diameter and come in boxes of 25. Because Easylight 2 is a Broco cutting rod, it yields unequaled performance in burn time, length of cut per rod, evenness of burn and minimal smoke. Easylight 2s are the newest component in the world renowned Broco Exothermic Cutting Torch System.

Broco Tactical is part of the Broco Rankin family of companies based in Ontario, Calif. In addition to tactical and forced entry products, Broco, Inc. designs and manufactures underwater cutting and welding equipment, and industrial exothermic cutting and welding systems. 

Safariland Group’s SAVES CLUB officers

The Safariland Group invited SHOT Show attendees to its booth events throughout the Show. They honored two police officers welcomed to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB in 2019, and hosting product demonstrations presented by members of Team Safariland. The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB is made up of individuals, who in the line of duty, experienced a life-threatening incident in which their Safariland armor or gear contributed to saving their lives. Safariland celebrated the lives of Officer Justin Sanders and Officer William “Taylor” Webb, both officers whose lives were saved in 2019.

SAVE #2065—Officer Justin Sanders Auburn Police Division, Auburn, AL: Officer Justin Sanders was shot on February 15, 2019 during a stop on a robbery suspect, who opened fire from the passenger seat, then exited the vehicle and continued shooting. Officer Sanders was hit five times—once in the face, twice in the hip and twice on his armor, and his Safariland Xtreme XT03 Level II vest stopped both rounds to his torso. After months of physical rehabilitation Officer Sanders returned to duty in late 2019.

SAVE #2067—Henry County Police Department, McDonough, GA: Officer William “Taylor” Webb responded to an unknown medical call on April 12, 2019. Upon arrival he forced entry to the location in an attempt to render aid to an unconscious woman who was eight months pregnant. As Officer Webb made entry, a male suspect ambushed him and opened fire hitting him twice, once in the hip and once in the chest on his armor, a Safariland Xtreme XT03 level II vest. Officer Webb is recovering from the wound to the hip.

Team Safariland is comprised of some of the top shooters in the world, and they were on hand to present product demonstrations, discuss training tips and gaveaway free product. At the booth were Keith Garcia, Julie Golob, Doug Koenig, Rob Leatham, Kenda Lenseigne, Bobby McGee, Maggie Reese Voigt, Tom Campbell, and Scott Carnahan. 

A long-range pepper spray launcher 

The Home Defense Pepper Spray Launcher is the perfect safety device for home protection. The device includes rounds filled with a powdered pepper irritant that break on contact, immediately causing temporary blindness, difficulty breathing and impact distress—allowing your family to escape to safety. According to a recent A&U study, 86% of consumers want their personal safety device to provide protection at a distance. A launcher round is target accurate and effective up to 66 feet (20 meters) with the ability to hit a target up to 175 feet away (53 meters). Each magazine deploys 7 rounds, allowing the user to defend him or herself and loved ones from multiple threatening intruders.

The Tactical Launchers for law enforcement have the same long-range capabilities as the civilian version, but also features much larger capacity (19 to 200 rounds) to assist with crowd and riot control for both individuals and crowd management applications.

Reebok introduced its Trailgrip Tactical series

Warson Brands, official licensee of Reebok for duty and uniform footwear, introduced its popular Trailgrip platform to law enforcement and military professionals with its Trailgrip Tactical series.

All three models of the Trailgrip Tactical are built on a slip-resistant rubber outsole with an active traction lug bottom, great for durability and grip in a variety of terrains and surfaces. A MicroWeb lacing system keeps the foot locked in with lateral stability. Comfort is provided through a combination of a DMXRide Foam Midsole for super-responsiveness, a MemoryTech Foam Footbed for shaping to one’s foot, and a mid-cut design for ankle support over the long haul. All models contain no metal components for convenience in high-security environments.

RB3450 and RB3455, soft-toe black 6” and 8” versions of the boot, provide excellent coverage in all weather environments with standard waterproofing, while the RB3455 adds extra weather protection with its 200G 3M Thinsulate insulated lining.RB3460, debuting in a coyote color, comes with a composite toe with extra-wide space for the toes. This 8” version, like the others, is easy to put on or take off due to the standard side zips.

The RB3450, RB3455 and RB3460 are now available for purchase at an MSRP of $135.00, $149.00 and $143.00, respectively, at Reebok duty footwear and the Trailgrip Tactical series are also available through select retailers throughout the U.S.

Warson Brands, also known as Warson Group, Inc., is headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Founded in 1989, Warson Brands is a global manufacturer and marketer of military, tactical, and industrial safety footwear, providing a variety of work and duty footwear under the world’s finest brand names: Reebok, Rockport Works, Florsheim, Iron Age, Grabbers, and Knapp. 

Concealability and retention

Safariland’s 637 ALS Belt Slide Concealment Holster features Safariland’s ALS locking retention system, that secures the firearm in place once holstered and allows for an instinctive, straight-up draw once the release is deactivated with the thumb.

The Model 637’s low-profile makes it highly concealable, and the soft, flexible body allows the holster to mold around the wearer and sit higher and tighter on the hip. A tension adjustment allows the user to customize the fit of handgun within the holster. It features a dual belt slot design to fit securely with a 1.5” (38 mm) width belt. The holster is available for a variety of large frame semiautomatic pistols in SafariLaminate Plain Black and a variety of hard shell STX finishes. 

Can you say ‘tactical axe’?

The FLEET (Fire, Law Enforcement, EMS, and Trainers) Fire SPAX has an overall length of 21.6 inches and blade that is .250 inches thick and 10.3 inches long. Made with first responders in mind, the Fire SPAX axe is a helpful tool for tactical situations. Other specifications include a laminated hardwood handle, nylon sheath, full flat taper with flat bevel blade grind, and a powder coat blade finish.

A glove for the leash and rope

In partnership with Vibram, 5.11’s K-9 Rope Glove was engineered and designed with direct input from active K-9 teams and rappelling rope operations, this glove pairs a Vibram anti-friction palm overlay with raised rail sections and a high abrasion synthetic suede palm to provide superior grip to rope or webbing for superior gripping. 

Choose an adjustable cant position for your duty holster 

Safariland’s Cantable Universal Belt Loop (CUBL) was designed for use with Safariland’s duty holster line to allow users to choose a custom adjustable cant position for their duty holster based on user preference.

This cantable version of Safariland’s proven UBL (Universal Belt Loop) allows users to easily adjust the angle of their holster while it is on the duty belt. This highly adaptable CUBL extends Safariland’s UBL offerings and is for use with Safariland 3-hole patterned duty holsters. Made of durable Dupont Zytel material the CUBK passes Safariland’s rigid Retention pull test up to 350 pounds and is also compatible with the QLS (Quick Locking System) for even further convenience of use. Designed to fit equipment belt widths from 2” to 2.25”, the CUBL comes in Plain Black or FDE Brown. 

The non-lethal personal protection market is growing 

HERO Defense Systems launched its first non-lethal product: HERO 2020. With patent pending, HERO 2020 is a compact, feature rich protection device. The dual shot device boasts two finger trigger, double-sided safety, 600 lumen LED stun light, laser assist, and innovative interchangeable cartridges. Cartridge options allow users to choose the best delivery format for every environment and includes non-active training options. This approach to self-defense uses a powerful nitrogen power plant to deliver high-grade, lab tested active ingredients. HERO 2020 allows product customization and feature choices for international distributors.

“What started out as a simple idea has turned into a passion for people around the globe,” said David Clemons, co-founder and CEO. “We worked relentlessly on our designs, ergonomics, and new technologies to get people motivated and rethink protection for their families. Professionals like security guards, city police, first responders, and governmental agencies agreed they need better non-lethal options and HERO 2020 would be on their immediate product testing schedules.” 

ASP’s new law enforcement products 

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) bowed more than a dozen new additions to its product lines. ASP expanded all its key categories—expandable batons, restraints and tactical flashlights—with new products, including:

Talon Infinity Expandable Batons: These pushbutton-closing impact weapons incorporate fewer moving parts for more precise, reliable operation. (See page 13 in this issue for more details.)

Transport Plus (pictured): The Transport Plus is the latest addition to ASP’s growing line of restraints designed for corrections, transport and courtroom use. Like the original Transport Kit, the “Plus” has at its hub the company’s unique Rigid Ultra Cuff wrist restraints, which provide a central connecting point for other system elements, and keep the subject secured while components are added, removed or adjusted, for officer safety. The Transport Plus includes the rigid cuffs, a set of ankle cuffs, an extra-long chain to secure around the waist and connect the upper and lower elements, high-security auto-locking blocks and keys, all in a custom-made, molded carrying case.

Spectrum DF Tactical Flashlight: The Spectrum is the company’s first-ever multi beam-color tactical flashlight. In addition to its primary white light, it offers red, green and blue beams, as well as a low level and strobe, for a total of six total modes. The high white mode is always the default, while any of the others can be user-programmed as a secondary level, activated with a double-tap of the tail switch. The all-aluminum light is built to demanding law enforcement duty standards, can be upgraded from its included CR123A battery power to Dual Fuel rechargeable. 

Increase your body armor’s airflow 

The Maxx-Dri Vest 3.0 increases airflow for body armor ventilation to keep officers cooler while it also improves weight distribution of ballistic vests. This vest has easy, side velcro fasteners and large holes that are spaced out widely. The Maxx-Dri 3.0 offers flexible sizing as well. 

SIG Sauer’s rifle for the ‘Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation’

SIG Sauer participated in making one young boy’s dream come true by creating a special rifle to present to the winner of the 2019 of the Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation’s mission. The foundation gives juveniles’ 21 years old and younger who have life threatening or debilitating illnesses the chance to participate in fishing and hunting adventures.

This past year, SIG worked along side Corey Jacobsen from Elk101, and the Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation to come up with a special rifle for the 2019 recipient of the program. “We wanted the first animal taken with our new rifle to be something special,” said Patrick Hanley, Product Manager of Commercial Rifles for SIG Sauer. Anthony, the most recent winner, suffers from cystic fibrosis. It was his dream to hunt an elk. “Corey and his team helped us get the first Cross prototype rifle built and tested for Anthony.”

SIG wanted to create a rifle that looked like a SIG Sauer firearm to keep the company’s identity in the style of the gun. Hanley says the Cross rifle is engraved with “THE FIRST WARRIOR” which fits into the company’s hunting tagline but is also dedicated to Anthony. The rifle is also engraved with the coordinates where Anthony harvested the elk he shot with the firearm and also features signatures from employees of Elk101 who assisted him with the hunt.

The Cross rifle was presented to Anthony at SIG Range Day the day before SHOT Show and was displayed at the SIG Sauer booth throughout the show. 

1,000 lumens throwing light over 1,000 meters

The Waypoint 300, is a rechargeable high lumen, pistol grip spotlight with enhanced down-range lighting capability. It features 270,000 candela, a 1,039-meter beam distance, and 1,000 lumens on high, the Waypoint 300’s powerful long-range targeting beam is portable and runs for 3.75 to 87 hours on high, medium, low, respectively.

The Waypoint 300 uses power LED technology and a deep-dish parabolic reflector for long-range targeting with optimum peripheral illumination. On the medium setting, the light offers offers 550 lumens, 135,000 candela, and a 735-meter beam distance. On low, the light provides 35 lumens and 10,000 candela, with a beam distance of 200 meters. The light uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that fully charges in four hours. A convenient LED charging indicator provides charging status.

The rugged Waypoint 300 features an unbreakable polycarbonate lens and is O-ring sealed. With a trigger-style switch for momentary or click on/off operation, the light boasts a cushioned handle grip that eliminates user hand fatigue. The light includes an adjustable, high-strength wrist lanyard, and features an integrated stand for hands-free lighting. 

Two knives…forged for 5.11

The Doug Marcaida Talon Folding knife, designed in collaboration with impact weapons specialist Doug Marcaida, features a patented “BRAMP” out-of-pocket opening, a puzzle lock, and a deep fuller groove.

The Doug Marcaida Fixed Knife is the second knife in the collaborative series and features a D2 steel blade, translucent FRN handle, and sheath with adjustable and removable side release belt clip. 

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