Video: Suspect in Getaway Car Runs Down 2 Chicago Police Officers

Feb. 14, 2024
Chicago police had stopped and were arresting the driver of a car connected to an interrupted truck break-in when the passenger got behind the wheel and struck two officers and his accomplice.

Two Chicago police officers were injured when they were struck over the weekend by a burglary suspect in a getaway car, and a bystander captured video footage of the incident.

Officers interrupted suspects breaking into a work truck at around 7:45 a.m. Saturday in the city's Gold Coast neighborhood, WBBM-TV reports. Police pursued the suspects for over a mile and were able to stop the vehicle along DuSable Lake Shore Drive.

Police were able to take the vehicle's driver into custody, but while that was happening, the passenger was able to jump into the car's driver's seat. Two police officers and the suspect in custody were struck by the vehicle as the other suspect sped off. An individual in traffic was able to record the getaway and posted the footage on social media.

"These police officers are out there doing their job, trying to bring dangerous, violent offenders into custody, and they got hurt today," said Ald. Brian Hopkins. 

The officers were injured in the incident and taken to the hospital along with the suspect. Both officers were treated and released.

As of late Tuesday, police are still searching for the suspect who fled. Once arrested, the individual faces possible felony aggravated battery to a police officer charges. 

The apprehended suspect was charged with misdemeanor attempted theft. He also was cited for multiple traffic violations.

Despite the injuries to the officers, Hopkins said he was thankful it wasn't worse.

"Any time you are having basically a wrestling match in the middle of DuSable Lakeshore Drive, you know, it's fortunate that nobody else was struck by the vehicle during the chaos," he said.


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