The John Deere four door model.
The John Deere four door model.
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The John Deere two door model with equipment bed.The John Deere two door model with equipment bed.John DeereJohn Deere's  line of Special Appliction Vehicles were built to suit the needs of federal, state, and local governments, and first responders. This custom line of utility vehicles was designed in conjunction with International Automated Systems (I­AS) to provide solutions for state and local government agencies and first responders. These vehicles address the unique needs of police, fire, rescue and security as well as the broader needs of governmental customers.

Built on the proven John Deere Utility Vehicle chassis, these machines can be customized to match other fleet vehicles, are available in red, white, blue and black and end-users can determine location and placement of custom decals.

These vehicles, under agreement with IAS, are available to the Department of Defense and governmental agencies at all levels. They are currently not available for commercial or residential purchase.

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