2019 Vehicles & Fleet Supplement

A Guide to Help Manage and Outfit Law Enforcement's Specialty Vehicles

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Photo by Chief William L. Harvey | Officer Media Group

The evolution of law enforcement patrol vehicles never seems to slow, and there seems to be a race between the vehicles themselves and the equipment that gets mounted on or in them for which will evolve faster. For that very reason, we do our best to keep you informed on the evolution of both and how they work synergistically together. In this Vehicle & Fleet Supplement, we’re also focusing on some of the not-so-common vehicles: Mobile Command Posts, Motorcycles, and Armored Personnel Carriers.

Inside the Issue: 

  • What Officers Need to Know About Mounting & Storing Firearms in the Patrol Vehicle
    A look at the variety of options and what considerations impact the choices

  • The Myths of Armored Personnel Carriers in Special Operations
    The characteristics and uses of an APC and the truth behind common beliefs or perceptions

  • Are Motorcycles Still Applicable for Law Enforcement Use?
    The strengths and challenges of the motorcycle unit

  • Technology at Your Fingertips
    The patrol car is a mobile office. Equipping officers with the right equipment will give them everything they need at their fingertip

  • and Product Showcase 

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