Watch Ohio Police Crossing Guard Put on Show for Hospital Visitors

Nov. 23, 2022
In an effort to brighten people's days at the Cleveland Clinic, Cpl. Eric Hudson, a member of the clinic’s police department, has turned his volunteer shift as a crossing guard into a dance party.

CLEVELAND, OH—Caregivers and visitors at Cleveland Clinic are being treated to some new unexpected cheer as they walk across East 89th Street into work. It comes from an exuberant police officer-turned cross guard who plays music, sings, dances and adds cheer to people’s days while guiding them to and from the employee garage.

Cpl. Eric Hudson, 49, of the clinic’s police department volunteered for crosswalk duty earlier this month. One day he decided to bring a bluetooth speaker in an attempt to brighten people’s day. It worked, but he’s the real star.

“You’d be surprised the energy, the love people receive and how they give it back,” said Hudson, who lives in Cleveland. “Especially with our caregivers, you never know the load they’re carrying when they walk into the Clinic. People just walk up and hug me, break down crying. They say ‘Thank you, I needed this!’”

Watch the video above to see Hudson in action.

One Cleveland Clinic patient drove around the block a few times just to see more. “It made me laugh so hard it was the best medicine of the week,” she said.

Hudson high-fives passersby and even gets some dancing partners as they cross the street. He describes it as the Party at East 89th, and by the looks of it, that’s a good label.

“I decided I’m going to give them that energy before they go to work. Just like I’m helping them out, they’re helping me out.”


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