'You're Not Allowed to Stop Me': Watch Fla. Police Chase Down Fugitive

June 6, 2024
A woman wanted on a felony warrant in Citrus County fled a traffic stop by a St. Johns County sheriff's deputy, sparking a chase that injured two Florida Highway Patrol troopers.

Two Florida Highway Patrol troopers were injured during a chase of a woman wanted on a felony warrant who fled a traffic stop earlier this week.

The incident happened Monday when a driver matching the description of a woman wanted on a felony warrant out of Citrus County was stopped by a St. Johns County deputy, WTLV-TV reports. Body camera footage caught the interaction between the driver—identified as Alexandria Mason, 42—and the deputy.

"You're not allowed to stop me," Mason told the deputy.

"I am because you matched the description of a wanted fugitive, okay?" the deputy said.

"OK, well, I'm not wanted," Mason replied and then sped off.

A chase ensued, reaching speeds of at least 90 mph as it moved to Jacksonville in Duval County. Florida Highway Patrol troopers joined the pursuit, and one trooper performed a PIT maneuver to stop Mason, who was taken into custody.

Along with the felony warrant out of Citrus County, Mason faces multiple charges from the chase, including armed possession of a controlled substance and DUIOne trooper suffered "significant hand injuries" during the pursuit. It's not clear how the other trooper was injured in the incident.

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