Video: Texas Police Stop Gunman Making Molotov Cocktail in Station

June 6, 2024
Body camera footage captured a gas station standoff between Austin police and an armed man who began making a Molotov cocktail while a manager was trapped inside.

Texas police fatally shot an armed man last month after he opened fire at officers and began creating a Molotov cocktail while inside a gas station, where the manager was still trapped inside.

The standoff happened May 21 when an armed man—identified as Alfonso Gonzales, 35—walked into a gas station and refused to leave, KUVE-TV reports. Austin police were called, and a SWAT team responded.

Gonzales began pacing inside and started pouring lighter fluid on a counter. Although a cook was allowed to leave the station, a store manager remained inside during the standoff.

Gonzales would not comply with officers' orders to surrender, and police used less-lethal means to try to get the suspect outside. As the standoff continued, Gonzales fired at officers and began pouring lighter fluid onto a rag in a container.

Before he could light the improvised Molotov cocktail, an officer shot Gonzales. He was taken to the hospital, where he died.

No officers were injured in the incident, which is under investigation.

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