Oh Yeah! Watch Okla. Police Officer Run Through Fence to Nab Suspect

June 3, 2024
A Moore police officer did his best impression of the Kool-Aid when he lowered his shoulder and plow through a fence while chasing a suspect who crashed and fled a stolen vehicle.

An Oklahoma police officer let nothing stand in his way to capture a suspect, and that included plowing through a fence to nab the offender.

The incident happened at around 2 p.m. May 19 when Moore police were pursuing a driver in a stolen vehicle, according to the department. The vehicle chase lasted until the suspect crashed the car and fled on foot.

As the chase began, the suspect jumped a wooden residential fence. One officer deployed his Taser, and another officer was able to slip through the fence's slats to continue the chase.

A third officer, however, lowered his shoulder and did his best impression of the Kool-Aid Man, running through the fence. A Taser was deployed a second time, and the suspect was finally apprehended.

According to The Oklahoman, the department said the city is working with the homeowners to repair the damaged fence.

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