Video: San Antonio Police Caught in Shootout at Crowded Fiesta

May 30, 2024
Recently released body camera footage captured an exchange of gunfire that erupted at Fiesta de Los Reyes and had San Antonio police chasing after two gunmen.

By Julie Silva

Source San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio police released body-worn camera footage from the night two people were killed during Fiesta.

The shooting took place on April 28 at Market Square during Fiesta de Los Reyes. The two gunmen, identified as Albert Cisneros, 20, and Mikey Valdez, 18, died at the event.

Two bystanders went to the hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening, and two others were treated at the scene. A fifth person said they were shot in the incident, but Lt. Michelle Ramos said in the video released Wednesday night that person has not spoken with investigators.

Police have said Valdez fatally shot Cisneros. Valdez was then shot by police and died at the scene. Cisneros later died at a hospital. A sergeant was also struck by debris.

"Police are still investigating whether the bystanders were struck by the suspects' or police officers' gunfire," Ramos said.

Police said the officers who shot at Valdez were Sgt. Joseph Fech, with 13 years of service, and officer Zachary Krok, with five years.

Ramos emphasized that the body-camera footage was from officers who did not fire their weapons at the scene. She does not explain why the footage from the officers who shot their guns was not included.

The video begins with the flash from the muzzle of a gun being fired toward Valdez, who is seen wearing a black hoodie at the corner of Conch Valley and Dolorosa Street. Cisneros isn't seen in the video.

After Cisneros shoots his gun, Valdez is seen running one way and then turning back and running the other way after Cisneros. Officers began to run after the two gunmen, telling the crowd to "get down" as they pushed them out of the way.

Another shot shows a bottle the police believe was shot by Cisneros.

Lastly, a video shows the officers running after Valdez and Cisneros. Gunshots can be heard.

Police released both a narrated version of the video and raw footage.

Ramos said it can take more than a year to investigate an officer-involved shooting with deadly force. The case will be forwarded to the Bexar County District Attorney's Office for review.


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