Video: Mich. Police Confront Woman Living in Rooftop Store Sign for Year

May 21, 2024
A woman had made her home inside a grocery store roof sign over the past year when Midland police made contact with her, adding flooring, a computer and a food pantry to the space.

By Kate Linderman

Source The Charlotte Observer

A 34-year-old woman made a home inside a grocery store’s rooftop sign for nearly a year, Michigan police said.

She had made the Family Fare market’s sign a home over the last year, adding flooring, a computer, printer, desk, pantry of food and coffee maker to the enclosed sign, Midland police said.

She was discovered in April by contractors, who needed a ladder to reach the location, and was later asked to find a new place to live by police, the Detroit Free Press reported. According to police, there was no access door to the roof, WILX reported.

“We made contact with her and she was advised she was not allowed to live there,” Brennon Warren, a public information officer with the Midland Police Department, wrote in an email to McClatchy News.

Police said the woman was offered housing resources, but she declined.

The store did not press criminal charges against the woman and it plans to work with the woman to get her belongings back to her, according to police.

Family Fare’s parent company, SpartanNash, said in a statement to McClatchy News, “We are proud of our associates for responding to this situation with the utmost compassion and professionalism. Ensuring there is ample safe, affordable housing continues to be a widespread issue nationwide that our community needs to partner in solving. Out of respect for privacy for the individual involved, we will not be sharing further comment.”

Midland is about a 130-mile drive northwest of Detroit.


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