Watch Fla. Police Officer Stop Runaway Boat, Rescue Unconscious Man

May 16, 2024
A Sarasota police officer used his department watercraft to wedge an out-of-control boat against a seawall in order to jump aboard and save an unconscious man.

A Florida police officer saved a boater who lost control of his watercraft earlier this month after he became unconscious.

The rescue happened at around 12:30 p.m. May 3 when Sarasota Police Officer Michael Skinner, a member of the department's marine unit, received a call about a man in distress, according to an agency news release. When he reached the boat, which was slowly circling the inner coastal waterway close to Phillippi Creek, he saw that the man aboard was unconscious and lying face down on the deck. 

Skinner quickly put his craft on an intercept course for the boat, wedging it against a nearby seawall to prevent further danger. Once aboard the boat, Skinner was able to shut down the engine and assess the situation.

Sarasota firefighters were along the nearby seawall, and they rushed the boater to the hospital. He was semi-conscious at the time and is expected to recover.

"I'm incredibly proud of Officer Skinner's quick response and selfless actions," Sarasota Police Chief Rex Troche said in a statement. "His bravery exemplifies the dedication of our law enforcement officers to serving and protecting our community." 

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