Video: Suspect Opens Fire on Nev. Police in Violent Ambushes

April 15, 2024
A traffic stop led to multiple ambushes, a hostage situation and a standoff as an armed man shot two Sparks police officers and a Washoe County sheriff's deputy before he was found dead.

Recently released body camera footage captures a violent ambush during a traffic stop last month that wounded a Nevada police officer and led to a hostage standoff shooting that injured another officer and a deputy.

The nearly nine-hour incident began shortly after 1:30 p.m. March 29 when Sparks police stopped a Ford Expedition because it had no license plates, KRNV-TV reports. When an officer approached the driver's side window of the video, the suspect—identified as Anthony Wade—puled a gun and began shooting.

The officer was struck in the head and neck, and one of the bullets was stopped by his ballistic vest. 

After opening fire, Wade drove away but collided with a U-Haul truck after running a stop sign. Wade abandoned the car and fled on foot.

Shortly following the crash, dispatchers received a call from a woman saying an armed man had broken into her house. The woman said she had stabbed Wade with a kitchen knife while protecting herself and her children.

"Did you shoot me?" Wade can be heard in video footage released by police as the suspect fled the house.

Police set up a perimeter around the neighborhood, and a shelter-in-place order was issued. A door-by-door search was conducted, and Wade was discovered holding a woman hostage in her home, trying to get her to drive from the scene.

Wade began firing again when police approached, and another Sparks police officer and a Washoe County sheriff's deputy were struck. One of Wade's shots hit the deputy's hearing protection, while another shot was stopped by an officer's vest.

Police were able to rescue the woman, and Wade fled on foot again before breaking into another home. A woman called dispatchers and said she had barricaded herself in a bathroom after Wade entered.

"Please, God, break down the front door and come in," the woman can be heard saying on the call.

Wade fled again and tried to hide in a back yard shed. He went back into the house, and a standoff ensued.

Police tried to negotiate with Wade for roughly five hours. SWAT officers tried to apprehend, but they were met with gunfire.

After another two hours, police advanced on the house again, and Wade was found dead in the garage. It was believed that he might have been wounded in the last exchange of gunfire.

The officers and deputy wounded during the incident were taken to the hospital, and they're expected to recover.

The incident is under investigation.

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Joining Endeavor Business Media in 2018, Joe has worked on the company's city services publications. He began working at as the assistant editor. Before starting at Endeavor, Joe had worked for a variety of print and online news outlets, including the Indianapolis Star, the South Bend Tribune, Reddit and

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