Watch Fla. Deputies Make Unusual Vehicle Stop: 'The Truck Don't Surf'

Feb. 7, 2024
Volusia County sheriff's deputies cited a man who is accused of ignoring a do not enter sign and driving his pickup as the surf crashed into his vehicle: "Am I getting in trouble for that?"

By Irene Wright

Source The Charlotte Observer

A man in Florida is accused of driving onto a closed beach and then cruising through the surf as waves battered his truck, a sheriff’s office said.

A person was looking out over New Smyrna Beach on the morning of Feb. 6 when they saw a white truck pull up to the “DO NOT ENTER” sign and drive around it, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said in Feb. 6 posts on Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter.

The beach was closed, according to the sheriff’s office, so the bystander started to record the truck.

The truck drove straight down to the water and then into the surf, before going perpendicular to the beach as waves crashed into its side, according to the video shared by the department.

The water didn’t slow the driver down as they weaved deeper into the water and then back onto the beach, the video shows.

At another point, the truck is facing directly into the waves as the water crashes over the top of the vehicle and knocks it back toward the sand, according to the video.

Deputies arrived and the driver stepped out of the truck, taking a seat on the beach.

In body camera footage shared by the sheriff’s office, a deputy said the tide was on the way out when the driver interjected.

“It’s not my fault the truck don’t surf,” he said. “Am I getting in trouble for that?”

“Yeah,” the deputy responded.

The man, charged with violation of a Volusia County ordinance of failing to pay vehicular access fees, was taken into custody with a $200 bond, the sheriff’s office said.

Many shared their reactions to the video on social media.

“An occasion where one might use the phrase, ‘Here’s your sign,’ but this guy has already shown that he doesn’t do well with signs,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd commented on the post on X.

“Training for the Florida Man games on the 24th,” a commenter wrote on the Facebook post.

“These Dodge commercials are getting ridiculous,” another wrote.

New Smyrna Beach is about 50 miles northeast of Orlando.


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