Video: Atlanta Police Nab Fake Officer after Finding Handcuffed Man

Oct. 6, 2023
A 49-year-old man outfitted with a police vest and a Homeland Security badge is accused of handcuffing a man at an adult entertainment club before Atlanta police discovered his deception.

The discovery of a handcuffed man at an accident scene led to Atlanta police nabbing a suspect accused of impersonating an officer last month.

The incident happened at about 3 a.m. Sept. 1 when police responded to a traffic accident, WSB-TV reports. When they reached the scene, officers found an intoxicated man in handcuffs who was a passenger in one of the vehicles.

The man's wife, who was driving the vehicle, told police that an officer at a nearby adult entertainment club had handcuffed her husband. This led police to the club, where they encounter Terrence Jacks, 49, who was outfitted with a vest with a Department of Homeland Security bade, a "police" patch, a gun and a radio.

When police asked Jacks about the handcuffed man, Jacks said he was working security at the club, and he had cuffed the individual. Jacks claimed the man had run to a vehicle and fled the scene.

Jacks showed officers Homeland security credentials, but police quickly realized that his claims didn't hold water. He was arrested and charged with impersonating a public officer.

Police seized his gear, including a sedan that was equipped with police decals and lights.

The handcuffed also was arrested. He was found to have an active warrant in Fulton County.

About the Author

Joe Vince

Joining Endeavor Business Media in 2018, Joe has worked on the company's city services publications. He began working at as the assistant editor. Before starting at Endeavor, Joe had worked for a variety of print and online news outlets, including the Indianapolis Star, the South Bend Tribune, Reddit and

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