Video: Fla. Deputy Takes Down Motorcyclist who Rammed Him

April 12, 2023
A Marion County sheriff's deputy was still able to apprehend a fleeing motorcyclist, even after the man struck him head-on while the deputy was outside his cruiser.

A fleeing motorcyclist crashed head-on into a Florida deputy who had exited his cruiser but was still able to apprehend the suspect last week.

The incident happened Friday as Marion County Sheriff's Office Cpl. Calvin Batts tried pull over a motorcycle without a license plate, according to a social media post by the agency. The 33-year-old motorcyclist, Matthew Price, tried to speed away, weaving in and out of traffic before driving between lanes to try to escape.

Batts kept up the pursuit and was able to get in front of Price and use his cruiser to cut off the motorcycle's path. As Batts got out of his unit, he was struck by Price, who was trying to get around the cruiser.

“Dude, you hit me head-on with that bike!" Batts can be heard saying as he brings Price to the ground.

Once he was handcuffed, Price admitted he had removed the license plate from his motorcycle in order to avoid paying tolls. He was arrested and taken to Marion County Jail.

"Citizens, it’s a bad idea to flee from law enforcement," the sheriff's office stated. "It puts a lot of people at risk of being hurt or killed. And it makes a bad situation much, much worse."

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