Product News: 7 Podcasts by and for Law Enforcement

Dec. 12, 2019
Podcasts that were made for and by law enforcement officers.

Maybe you're on the road with a three-hour drive across the state. Maybe you're at home enjoying some downtime but music just isn't fulfilling. There's talk radio, but the chit-chatterings about recent the same major news stories aren't "today's cup of tea." Maybe you want something dedicated to, by, and for law enforcement. Something interesting. Something entertaining.

That's where podcasts seem to have found their niche in our lives. Often focused on a special subject or theme, each podcast is unique with its own voice. While the true-crime podcast type is an undeniable behemoth we wanted to search out those made for and by law enforcement officers. Shows that are a bit more specific than hosts talking about the latest movie or the past week's happenings. You can find these podcasts on their listed services. Save yourself the Googleing and check below, we linked to their sites where possible.

Presented in no specific order.

The Beat

The Beat is a monthly podcast series produced by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) and features more than 100 podcasts on issues ranging from Active Shooter Response to Policing Immigrant Communities. 

Currently, The Beat is featuring a three-part series titled ‘Surviving the Job’.  The guests for the series are Brody Young, a Utah State Parks Ranger who was shot nine times, left to die in a remote location, and is back on the job today.  Ranger Young speaks candidly about the incident, his recovery, and how the experience has changed his life.  The series also features a discussion with Lieutenant Jon Sheinberg from the Cedar Park Police Department in Texas.  Lt. Sheinberg is also a practicing Cardiologist, and he has a passion for increasing awareness about officer heart attack risks and how to overcome them.  The final podcast in the series is a discussion with Mark Kirschner, a clinical psychologist who has spent his career working directly with law enforcement officers.  Dr. Kirschner is the Past Chair of the Psychological Services Section at the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and he shares information about how officers can mitigate the unavoidable emotional stress that comes with wearing the badge.

You can listen to The Beat by visiting the COPS Office website and scrolling down to The Beat banner, or by visiting . The Beat will also be available on ITunes in 2020.

Crime Scene Today

Host: Captain Dan Zientek

Where you can find it: 

Crime Scene Today discusses current and future issues facing law enforcement, crime scene, and forensics with subject matter experts. They give a law enforcement perspective to current issues facing communities. Investigators will discuss current cold cases and past cases, sharing insight on lessons learned and experience from those who worked the crimes. They encourage the law enforcement, crime scene, and forensic community that would like to be on the show to contact the host at [email protected].

The Top Dog Show

Host: Police K9 Sergeant Mark with K9 Mattis, Alpharetta (Georgia) Police Department and Emma McPherson with private truffle detection dog K-9 Ayla

Where you can find it: 

The Top Dog Show Podcast features dog handlers from all over the world. Listen in as they share their inspirational journeys with Mark and Emma. Their stories will make you laugh and sometimes cry as these amazing people all share a kindness and determination that will leave you wanting more. 

The hosts found each other on the opposite side of the world through their common passion for dog handling. They are on a mission to bring handlers around the world together to share their inspirational K-9 journeys and join the fun as they work dogs in the "dog off" and learn from each other to be the best they can be - whilst not taking things too seriously. 

A new episode of The Top Dog Show is scheduled every Friday. 

Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad

Hosts: Investigative Journalist Billy Jensen, Retired Cold Case Investigator Paul Holes

Where you can find it: 

Retired Cold Case Investigator Paul Holes and Investigative Journalist Billy Jensen dig deep into unsolved murders, unidentified remains and missing persons cases. Each week listeners ride shotgun as Holes and Jensen attempt to solve the crime using a variety of methods, from old-fashioned detective work to advanced technologies including forensic genetic genealogy, social media geotargeting, and maybe most important—the skills of their listeners who send in tips and theories, becoming active members of The Murder Squad. 

New episodes are released every Monday. 

Fine Blue Line Podcast

Host: Sergeant Rob Layman

Where you can find it: 

With a new episode about twice a month, this podcast is dedicated to those officers that have given the ultimate sacrifice. Sergeant Layman tries to bring content that is applicable to today’s officers: everything from getting hired, going to the academy, and how to survive your career on and off the job. They review products, books and other things that you may use in your job daily.

Just Science

Host: Dr. John Morgan, Senior Director, Center for Forensic Sciences at RTI International

Where you can find it: 

The Just Science podcast wants to turn the volume up on nationwide forensic issues facing the criminal justice community. RTI International’s Center for Forensic Sciences presents the Just Science podcast for anyone interested in learning how forensic professionals across the nation are working to improve their processes, personnel, and results while featuring high-profile guests from the criminal justice community. Just Science tackles a range of issues facing the law enforcement and forensic communities, including vicarious trauma, emerging drug threats, new forensic technologies, sexual assault response, and broader challenges to science and public security. Whether it’s DNA, fingerprints, trace evidence, toxicology, crime scene investigation, controlled substances, or anything in between, Just Science has you covered. This podcast is the premier source for more information about the forensic issues affecting your jurisdiction. Tune in to learn more about how the latest forensic advancements help labs produce more accurate results, become more efficient, and solve more crimes.

Just Science was developed by RTI International and funded in part by the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence, a program of the National Institute of Justice, United States Department of Justice [2016-MU-BX-K110].

Just Science runs a new episode each week, except between seasons where they take one week off and major holidays. 

End of Watch, with Bootsy + Sal

Hosts: Kevin Grogan, Former Homicide Detective, Savannah Police Department and Lou Valoze, Retired ATF Special Agent (26 yrs.)

Where you can find it: 

Kevin, Lou, and guests discuss the relevant and timely topics affecting law enforcement officers in today's world; one topic that relates to law enforcement per episode, such as mental health, suicide awareness, the war on drugs, gun control, immigration, race, etc. While the hosts do not always share the same views on these topics, both have vast knowledge and experience in law enforcement matters to provide insightful and unique viewpoints from the local and federal law enforcement perspective. They give their opinions, debate topics, and provide their perspectives on relevant law enforcement topics from a "street cop" point of view.    

Kevin Grogan is a combat veteran who became a police officer and has participated in regional drug task forces, long term federal investigations, street crime units, and homicide investigations. Lou Valoze is a recently retired ATF Agent who worked undercover for two decades, infiltrating street gangs, organized crime groups, outlaw motorcycle organizations, and conducting murder for hire investigations and storefront operations. Both hosts spent their time as law enforcement officers on the streets combating violent crime, gangs, guns, and drugs. They have experienced the extreme highs and lows of a law enforcement career and know what it's like to have their careers end abruptly, amid controversy, and chaos. 

End of Watch produces one podcast per week.

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