Law Enforcement's Tales of the Paranormal - Part 4

Oct. 28, 2018

In celebration of Halloween this year, we requested law enforcement to send over their paranormal experiences. Part 4 is a third happening Former Patrol Officer Dube contributed to our collection. 

The following happened roughly 1993 to 1994. The name of the person involved has been changed. 

A Missing Lady: Found

As told to us by Jamie Dube, a former patrol officer from Maine. While he no longer takes on cases, he was one of the founding members of the East Coast Ghost Trackers. Dube is also the author of “Where You Walk”, where he “shares his narratives and insights from his lifelong connection and work with the paranormal.” You can find his book on Amazon.

I was young police officer on the force on an island called Indian Island. It’s situated in Old Town, Maine.  

Francine was an alcoholic, so we had dealings with her quite often. A call was made into dispatch at some point, like three days before I got on my shift. Francine went missing. It wasn’t like her to be missing for more than a day. So, people were worried after day or two. Day three come along and nobody knows where she is. We were told to keep an eye out for her if we see her someplace, you know, find out where she is, what’s she’s doing and all that other stuff.  

I was on my midnight shift. The way the island is set up is that it’s an island and there’s a bridge that goes over from the main land. It’s not a long bridge, but it probably takes a minute to go over and a minute to go back. When we do patrol, lots of times we go over the bridge, turn around and go back over the bridge and go back on the island and do our patrol. 

It’s probably 2 in the morning. I crossed the bridge, turned the cruiser around and headed back the other way. As I was headed back, I see this person – this body – kind of curled up into like a ball on the bridge, probably 10 feet, 15 feet in from the end of the bridge.  

She’s like curled into a ball. And I’m thinking to myself, this is weird. I didn’t see this a minute ago, so I proceeded carefully. I pulled up with the lights on and thought, “That looks like Francine, that looks like Francine from the back of her.”  

I called it in, “Listen, I think I found her. She’s on the bridge.” I stepped out of the car. Walked up to her. She’s kind of moaning and groaning, rocking back and forth.  

“Where have you been? Everyone’s been looking for you. Where have you been?”  

She looked at me and she was really mad. She looked at me and pointed up at the stars. “Spacemen took me.”  


“Yeah, they took me. I’m not happy about it. A matter of fact I am …" She was pissed.  

“What is going on? What did they do to you?”  

“They did all kinds of things. They made me eat this green stuff. It was kind of like pudding. It was green and tasted horrible. They made me eat that. They prodded and poked at my stomach. My stomach is killing me right now. I want you to take me to the hospital.”  

I said OK. She was crying, “You need to take me now.”   

I got ahold of dispatch and they got ahold of the sergeant. I asked what to do. “Should I call an ambulance from a neighboring town or should I take her up to the ER in Bangor?” [Editor’s Note: According to Google Maps, the nearest hospital in Bangor, Maine is roughly 12 miles away or 18 minutes from the bridge.] 

He’s like, “Just take her up to the ER in Bangor. It’s 2 in the morning, I don’t foresee much stuff happening this point forward so just take her out and come back. And I’ll cover for you if anything happens.” 

I got her in the car. Put her in the back seat. Heading to the hospital and I had a bunch of questions for her. “What’s it like up there?”   

She says, “It’s horrible. There’s more people up there. There’s all kinds of missing people that are supposed to be here that are up there.” And she said that everything is really smooth but really trashy.   

 “What do you mean trashy?”  

“There’s junk everywhere. There’s clothes. There’s glass. There’s shoes. There’s just trash everywhere.” 

She described them as short, kind of grayish, but at the same time had some flesh color in them so it was kind of a mix between the two. She talked about their eyes and said some were nice, some weren’t. But what got me was that there were a lot of other people up there - that were abducted - that will never come back. “There’s people. Just like you and I, everywhere.”   

“Ok. Let’s talk more about them probing your stomach.”   

“Yeah, they stuck stuff in my stomach like needles. They were testing.”   

 “Ok. Why didn’t they keep you? Why are you back here?”   

“That’s what I’m mad about,” she says. They rejected her and let her come back – sent her back. Because of two different reasons. “Number one, they found out that I was an alcoholic and they couldn’t use me for what they needed me for because of my situation with my body – drinking. Number two, they sent me back because they knew that no one would believe this story from somebody that’s an alcoholic.”  

I’m like, wow, ok. That’s pretty good.   

I get her into the hospital into the ER and they take her in. She’s going on and on and on about the spaceship, getting picked up with a light and dropped off with a light. So, I ask, “Listen, do you have any proof? Do you have any proof at all that you were up there? Anything at all?”  

“I sure do. Right in my jacket pocket. It’s over there.”   

And I’m thinking to myself, uh oh. I never checked her pockets. We knew her, she was always kind of in trouble, but she was harmless. I pat her down, but I didn’t go into her pockets.  

I reached into her right pocket of her jacket and pulled out this rock. It was shaped like an oval and smooth - really smooth. No edges what so ever. And the color on it – the iridescence - it looked black but also like a piece of glass. When you moved it from back and forth and side to side it would have the colors of gasoline in a mud puddle. It had that kind of iridescence to it. No matter what you would do or how you would move that rock, these colors would be stay that way all the way around. It was a really kind of weird thing to see – I've never seen anything like that.   

 This rock gets passed around to everyone that was in the ER. There was about four or five of us - maybe six - that were looking at this. And Francine, she says, “Ok, now you’ve seen it. Now put it back in my pocket – it's mine.”   

 I ask, “Why’d you take it?”  

 “Well, because I was mad. They rejected me, and I just felt like I was being rejected and I didn’t want to be rejected. Just because of my condition. So, I stole it.” She was calling them names too, so she was not happy.  

At that point, I was cleared from the ER and headed back to the island. I never talked with her again after that. And I don’t know what happened with the rock. It’s not every day you get to pick up someone that’s been missing - that’s been abducted by aliens.   

Today, I’m a jewelry store owner and own a real estate agency. We’ve got tons of rocks, we have a spot in our store that is just basically worldwide rocks and minerals – just one corner of it. I’ve seen rocks from all over this world and I’ve never since seen anything like I’ve seen that night.  

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