Law Enforcement's Tales of the Paranormal - Part 2

Oct. 28, 2018

In celebration of Halloween this year, we requested law enforcement to send over their paranormal experiences. Part 2 consists of two stories: one of a UFO and a second tells of a ghostly woman in white.

Here is Part 2 of our collection of contributed stories from law enforcement officers.

Reporting a Sighting

Submitted through the Forums by username “Interceptor”.

I have a UFO story... as I work nights I listen to Coast to Coast a lot. They had this guy on who runs a website that collects and investigates reports of UFOs. He was reading off some of the reports He had received the previous day and one was from a small town literally on the other side of the state line. They reported seeing a black triangle craft hovering over a field and had watched it for a good long time. They said it suddenly shot off south ward.

The same night as that was reported to have occurred I was sitting at a traffic light facing east, it was late, the tree line was pitch black, and sky was that dark blue, and I saw a black triangle flying southbound, within the same time period as the other report. The guy gave a phone number and I called it, he actually answered and I told him about what I had observed and backed up the other report and description. He asked if I would fill out a report and I did. Here is the report:

National UFO Reporting Center

Sighting Report - Occurred : 8/5/2015 22:00 (Entered as : 08/05/15 22:00)
Reported: 8/6/2015 10:53:12 PM 22:53
Posted: 8/13/2015
Location: Indian Land, SC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 minute
Witnessed same triangle shaped craft reported in Weddington. On Wednesday, August 5, 2015, at between 2200-2300 hours, while on patrol, I observed a triangle shaped craft, with three red lights on it, traveling at a high rate of speed near Indian Land, SC/ Waxhaw NC. The craft was traveling southbound, just east of Hwy 521 in Indian Land, and west of Providence Road in Waxhaw, paralleling both roads. At first, I thought it was a private aircraft, due to several airports in the area, but as I work nights, I am familiar with the regular approach and departure patterns for the airport, and this craft was low, and traveling at a very high rate of speed, much faster than a normal aircraft. The body of the craft appeared black, and I was unable to make out any detail or cockpit. I did not hear any sound from the craft. I am reporting this after hearing the other report from the Weddington/ Wesley Chapel area in NC, which is literally just over the border. I am convinced that I witnessed the same craft that was reported on 8/5/15.    

This report can be found at

Remember to Make a Wish

As told to us by Jamie Dube, a former patrol officer from Maine. While he no longer takes on cases, he was one of the founding members of the East Coast Ghost Trackers. Dube is also the author of “Where You Walk”, where he “shares his narratives and insights from his lifelong connection and work with the paranormal.” You can find his book on Amazon.

I was on patrol, it was 03:30 to 04:00 in the morning and a bit foggy. Indian Island is about 24 square miles. It doesn’t take long to go around it with all the roads. On the island, there is a pond, called “The Pond.” I was driving around the pond and I saw this woman coming out from the pond dressed all in white.

I thought it was somebody that worked in a hospital that was just going to work and was walking up from the pond for some reason – headed to her car and to the hospital or whatever. That’s what I thought when I first looked at her. She had like a white jacket like a sports coat. When I was closer to her, I called it in and said, “Listen, I got this lady coming up from the pond.” I can’t remember the street. “I don’t know if she’s off her meds or what the story is but I’m going to be off here for a bit.”    

I was sitting in the car and she was coming up and getting closer and closer and closer. I was kind of vulnerable at that spot - I should have jumped out but all of the sudden she didn’t give me a chance. She was 25 feet away and the next thing you know she was in my pocket.  

I was still in drive – back then I drove a Chevy Impala and the shift was on the column – so I put my foot on the break and put it in park. It’s just instinct to look to make sure you’re in park before you put your foot off the break. I think everyone does it. Well, the nano-second I did that and looked back - she was gone. I was looking all around; she wasn’t there.  

So, I’m kind of getting freaked out. I jumped out of the car, I looked around the car, underneath the car, and there was just nobody there. Then I realized, “Holy cow, I think I just saw a ghost.” You’re always thinking of that stuff anyways because the island is very spiritual. We had to do building checks when you're on the midnight shift and there are quite a few buildings that you have to check out. I was young - but not that brave – you're always thinking of ghosts and stuff like that. Then I had realized the scene, and it started coming to me. I started putting two and two together. 

I didn't see her feet. I didn't see her face. Her face was blurred. I know she had white hair and I knew she was wearing that jacket. This is another thing too – her garments. Her lapels and bottom of her jacket flapped a bit, kind of like there was a wind, like it was breezy, just going back and forth. But there was no breeze at all. It was foggy and there was a street light there illuminating everything, but there was no wind.  

My brain is thinking "Ok, I just saw this woman come up from the pond, her jacket was moving - I didn't see her feet and I couldn't see her face." She went from being 25 to 30 feet away with plenty of time for me to get out of the cruiser, but within a snap of the finger she was looking at me. Again, I couldn't make any facial features out - I was a little freaked.  

I told dispatch, "Ok, I'm on my way in." I said, "I got to ask you some questions."  

I then sat with dispatch and I mentioned what I had seen. The dispatcher laughed at me, "Well, you saw the white lady." 

“Who's that?" 

"Oh, that's just one of the spirits that come up from the pond."  

I'm like, "Are you serious?" 

"Oh yeah, did you make a wish?" 

"I didn't make no wish. What are you talking about?" 

"Well, if you would have made a wish, the legend goes, she'll grant it." I didn't have a chance to make a wish - she was just gone and I didn't know you can make a wish anyway.  

The rest of the summer I hung out by the pond, a lot. A lot at the wee hours of the morning hoping to see her again. Because I swore to myself, that "I'm going to make a wish" but I never did. I never saw her again.

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