Law Enforcement's Tales of the Paranormal

Oct. 31, 2018
Stories told and submitted by law enforcement officers willing to share their paranormal experiences from a UFO sighting, cryptid, ghosts, to haunting sounds from a basement.

One of the more "odd" holidays throughout the year brings children house-to-house in the quest for treats. Cable television channels hold their paranormal marathons, zombie shows crawl across our screens, and horror movie fans anxiously await the next jump scare.

To celebrate Halloween this year, called out for law enforcement to share their paranormal experiences. These tales are collected below in five parts. Some have requested to be kept anonymous. 

Enjoy! Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween.

Walk the Line, Please

After a stormy night, a dispatch operator receives a call from a utility driver. The strange thing: they're already aware of what will be reported.

Change the Channel

Something seems to be following this officer throughout the years. Each moment is short, but every bit is as chilling as the next. Grab a cup of coffee - if you can.

On the Beat

An officer is dispatched to a woman's house one night with claims there are sounds coming from her basement - with no earthly source. Sometimes you just want to make sure you're not hearing things.

Reporting a Sighting

While listing to the radio one night, an officer from South Carolina sees a strange object in the sky, just over the border. Being familiar with the local airport, it's likely not an airplane or UAV of any sort.

Remember to Make a Wish

Maine has a reputation for the paranormal. This former officer learns that the hard way early in his career.

The Virginia Supreme Court Building

Sometimes you'll find something you weren't looking for. Especially if you're doing security - alone - on the graveyard shift - in a haunted government building.

A Missing Lady: Found

After missing without a trace for three days, one missing person appears suddenly, on a bridge, curled up ... and angry.

Bumps in the Night

Answering a call that report of a prowler for several weeks in Georgia, one officer is dispatched to the scene and finds the claims are not going away but just getting worse.

If you have a story of your own and would like to share it with us, please feel free to do so by emailing Managing Editor, Jonathan Kozlowski at [email protected].

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