Editor’s Review: MTM Special Ops Patriot Watch

May 17, 2019
MTM Special Ops makes some seriously rugged watches. Read how our Editorial Director tried to break another one... but failed.

A few weeks ago I published a review of the MTM Special Ops Predator II watch. Within a few days I received an email asking me if I actually had and wore the watch or if I’d just written it up because I could and it filled space. Interesting question in that I’m surprised anyone would think I’d write a review on a product I haven’t actually had in hand, tested, worn, tried to break, etc.  Sixteen years ago I broke into the industry by doing test and evaluation reports for the Blackwater Tactical Weekly. I refused to write anything I couldn’t get in hand to test and warned all vendors that I WAS going to test it two ways: 1) as it was designed to be used (no matter what it was), and 2) like every cop and soldier was going to use it anyway – as a hammer, pry bar, etc. I gave fair warning: if I broke it, I’d send back pieces with a specific report on how I broke it so they could use the information to improve their product. If it held up to everything I threw at it, I’d publish the review/report. There’s a reason why I’ve only ever received two laptop computers for review. The MTM Special Ops watches I can happily report on as having put up with everything I did to them or did wearing them.

And another small piece of trivia before I get deep into this review: A couple years ago I created a fictional character named Travis Slade, intended to be an Americanized version of James Bond. Obviously he needed a cool car, specific handgun and line of watches that covered him from rugged duty to diving to tuxedo type formal events: the MTM Special Ops line was his go to brand of choice. The Predator II was his rugged duty option. The Patriot was his day-to-day wear. The Silencer was his formal wear choice. Now, into the Patriot

Like the Predator and virtually all other MTM Special Ops watches, the Patriot can be customized to the customer’s needs or preferences. There are five basic options and then each of them can be further customized. The five basics are:

·        Black Patriot (black case, black band, black dial)

·         Black Patriot Orange Dial (black case, black band, orange dial)

·         Silver Patriot (silver case, silver band, black dial)

·         Titanium Gray Patriot (gray case, nylon band, tan dial)

·         Two Tone (multiple options)

My test watch was a version of the Two Tone Patriot. The options as I selected them are:

·         Stainless Steel case – titanium is not an option for this version although I sometimes wish for the reduced weight.

·         All silver case – the options were all black, all silver, or two tone (hence the model name). I chose all silver.

·         Orange dial – the options include black, orange or tan. I had specifically wanted an orange dial on my watch although both other options look pretty good as well.

·         Silver Steel band – The options here are extensive and I’m not going to list them all. They include metal bands in two finishes, rubber bands in seven optional colors, NATO bands in six color mix options, ballistic nylon bands in two color options, P66 band, GTX bands in nine color combinations and three leather band options.

For the purposes of testing my Patriot, I wore it under all of the following conditions and for the approximate specified lengths of time:

·         Two weekend camping trips which included wear 24/7 and during all activities. The activities included hiking, swimming, cooking, showering, etc.

·         Several trips to the beach (Chesapeake Bay) for swimming, ruck exercise and shark tooth hunting.

·         Several training evolutions for defensive tactics, mixed martial arts and use of force (using Simunitions).

·         One relatively shallow water scuba diving trip (no deeper than 45 feet).

I’m happy to report that the watch functioned with no issues throughout all of it and it DID get banged up quite a bit during the camping trips and the training evolutions (like one accidental strike from a baton right on the face of the watch). My ONLY challenge, and it’s a side effect of my own making, is the weight. At this point I do wish I had chosen to go with the Titanium Gray model for the lighter version with the same functionality. Unfortunately, with the Titanium Gray, a metal band isn’t offered as an option and I was set on Orange Dial, Metal (stainless steel in this case) band. I got exactly what I wanted in the appearance… and now I’m looking for the dollars to purchase a Titanium Gray Patriot with an Orange Dial and an OD Green ballistic nylon strap. That might have to become Travis Slade’s go-to watch for rugged duty assignments.

Product Description and Specifications from the MTM Special Ops webpage for the Two Tone Patriot:

The Two Tone Patriot chronograph watch is a tactical and durable military timepiece with a NASA-grade carbon fiber or brass dial, subdials and a solid 316L stainless steel case. Properly protected with a locking screw down crown to ensure a water resistance depth of 660 feet. As one of the best military watches for men, the MTM Two Tone Patriot is a classic and favorite for active duty military, veterans, police officers and firefighters. Easily personalize the Two Tone Patriot watch with the available options for the band, case color, material, and dial. This durable and dynamic watch represents the strength of all Patriots and their freedom.


·         MOVEMENT  |   0S20 Chronograph Quartz Movement With Date Window and 24Hour Hand

·         CASE AND BAND  |   316L Solid Stainless Steel

·         BAND  |   Self Adjustable Links Which Are Individually Connected With Allen Screws, Easily Adjusted With The Allen Key Supplied

·         FINISH  |   Brushed Stainless With Black DLC Coating On Bezel

·         BEZEL  |   Unidirectional, Ratcheting Bezel

·         CROWN  |   Locking, Screw Down

·         GLASS  |   Sapphire Crystal; Anti Reflective & Scratch Resistant

·         DIAL  |   Available in Orange, Tan or Black Carbon Fiber

·         NUMBERS AND HANDS  |   Luminous

·         WATER RESISTANCE  |   660 Feet / 200 Meters

·         CASE SIZE  |   44.5 mm (Without Crown) x 15mm (Thickness)

·         WEIGHT  |   9 oz

·         BATTERY  |   Silver-Oxide Rated approximately 3 years

·         WARRANTY  |   3 Years


If you are in the market for a rugged yet aesthetically pleasing watch, check out MTM Special Ops watches. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

About the Author

Lt. Frank Borelli (ret), Editorial Director | Editorial Director

Lt. Frank Borelli is the Editorial Director for the Officer Media Group. Frank brings 20+ years of writing and editing experience in addition to 40 years of law enforcement operations, administration and training experience to the team.

Frank has had numerous books published which are available on Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, and other major retail outlets.

If you have any comments or questions, you can contact him via email at [email protected].

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