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May 8, 2012
I know it's never a smart idea to select a pair of boots based on how they look, but the Rocky S2Vs just looked tough. Even more years ago there was a time when the only boots I'd wear on duty were my Rocky 911s, so I was a big Rocky Boots fan back in the day.

For years now (literally) this boot design has intrigued me.  I know it's never a smart idea to select a pair of boots based on how they look, but the Rocky S2Vs just looked tough.  Even more years ago there was a time when the only boots I'd wear on duty were my Rocky 911s, so I was a big Rocky Boots fan back in the day.  When I finally got my hands on (feet in) a pair of these Rocky S2Vs to wear test them for the purpose of writing up this review/report, I was optimistically hopeful.

Before I get into the subjective report on the wear test, let me list out the published info from Rocky.  I'm NOT a "boot expert" so some of this didn't / doesn't mean much to me.  Ultimately, for me, a pair of boots is good or bad based on how comfortable it is and how well it protects/supports my feet.  So, from Rocky:

Featured Specs:

  • Flash and water-Resistant leather uppers withstand fire hazards and rigors of Sea-to-Land warfare 
  • Made in the USA, Berry Compliant 
  • Proprietary High-Walled Vibram Soles with Perforated Airport Cushion Footbeds and PU Midsoles 
  • Aegis Microbe Shield Prevents Bacteria and Fungus Growth the cause Rot and Foot Discomfort 
  • SuperFabric instep Panels Prevent Early boot Failure from Rope Burn 
  • Drainage Vents Move Water Out and Prevent Debris from Enteriing and Enhance Breathability 
  • Wicking Dri-Lex Lining and Stretch Lycra Tongues Hug feet for Secure Fit 
  • 1,000 Denier Cordura in Sides and Panels in Treated PTFE Coat for Flame Resistance

Additionally, Rocky goes on to add:

Get combat ready with the Rocky S2V 8.5" Tan Military Boot! Built for quick maneuvers and fast-paced action, Rocky S2V boots are the choice for die-hard military professionals. Featuring flash resistant materials and super-fabric insteps geared to protect your feet from quick flashes and rope burns. The Rocky S2V also has triple stitched uppers and Vibram wrap-around outsoles. And don’t let wet conditions bog you down. Inner drainage ports allow you to go amphibias by pushing water out of the boots allowing you to move full speed ahead.

So, with all that information, some of which, as I said, meant nothing to me, I was properly fitted for a pair of Rocky S2Vs at this year's SHOT Show.  A couple weeks later my test pair of boots showed up.  That following weekend I was wearing them on a hike.  NOW here's the subjective stuff...

First and foremost they fit my feet well.  That said, it's a good thing I was measured and got the right sized Rocky boots.  I typically wear an 8.5 regular width (yeah, small feet) but in the Rocky's I was comfortable in a size 9.5 medium width.  The sizing was done in two steps: first was to measure my feet like you would have done in any shoe store (put your heel here, sir; all the way back. Now stand up on your foot...)  That was followed (in the Rocky booth at SHOT Show) by trying on several different pair until I found the correct fit:  9.5 medium width.

I requested, and received, my test boots in desert tan.  They are available in three other colors: sage green, coyote brown (both are suede leather) and black (polishable leather).  When I first tried them on I noted the snug fit on my foot, but not uncomfortably so.  The laces seem designed to help them stay tied - almost as if they are stitched or braided in a high-friction fashion. The end result is that they DO stay tied, but if you're like me you might end up with a rub-burn when you go to take your boots off at the end of the day and pull on the laces with your index finger, loosening them up.  Remember that.

The boots took very little breaking in and were comfortable from the get-go.  The only place I felt any rub during the first day of wear was on the front of my foot where the arch meets the ankle.  It was noticeable for about an hour but caused no discomfort or pain; I was just aware of it until the boots softened up a bit.

To date I have hiked, camped, split wood, mowed the grass and force-marched (4.5 miles in 65 minutes with a full ruck) in these boots.  I have no complaint about fit or comfort.  For as dirty as I've gotten them from time to time, they've proven easy to maintain with a stiff plastic brush.

The soles, as aggressive as they are, are quick to shed mud and sand.  Within a few steps of having gone through such the soles have released it.  The two design features I note, although I've only been able to test one, are...

The "super-fabric" insteps which prevents early or easy wear from fast-roping, rappelling or rope climbing, and

The drainage ports which allow water to quickly drain out without being absorbed by the boot's inner sole or upper material, so the water doesn't add weight to the boot.

All in all I've been very happy with these boots.  While I was initially impressed with a truly beefy looking pair of boots, the design has proven, objectively and subjectively, to work well.  I like the Desert Tan and will be purchasing a pair in Black but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the Coyote Brown or the Sage Green (I just don't have a use for them).

To me they (at first) seemed a little pricey at an MSRP of $264.99 a pair (and even more for the Gore-Tex lined ones), but a Google search for "Rocky Boots S2V" found me some for as low as $189 plus shipping and handling; a MORE than reasonable price for a boot of this quality.

For more information check out Rocky Boots online.

Stay safe!

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