Stupid Criminals File: Permanent Marker "Disguise"

July 6, 2012
Mathew McNeilly and Joey Miller decided there wanted to rob an apartment one night. But instead of going out and spending a few bucks on some decent masks, they decided to save some money and just draw disguises on their face with a felt pens... The robbery didn't go to well... somebody spotted the pair trying to do the break in and called the police as the men ran off. A short while later the police pulled over the suspects car and found both men still in disguise. Neither one of these geniuses stop to think the magic marker ink was permanent and did not wash off... They pair were charged with second degree burglary and driving under the influence.

What happens when two stupid criminals decide they want masks but don't go out to buy the kind you wear? In their infinite wisdom they decide to use a permanent marker to cover their faces... with black ink that won't wash off after they've committed the crime. Their "disguise" becomes an identifying characteristic. And yes, the gene pool was very shallow the day they were born.

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