Ohio Dept. Is Without Cruisers, Both Damaged in Crash

June 8, 2011
A woman being chased by her boyfriend pulled into the Bridgeport police lot and the man chasing her hit the cruisers.


New details Monday on two police cruisers that were severely damaged over the weekend after a car chase through Bridgeport.

Oddly enough, those cruisers were parked.

If you drove past the Bridgeport Municipal Building Monday, you might have noticed there aren't any cruisers in the parking lot.

That's because they're at Jim Robinson's Collison Center in Wheeling.

"The driver's side door is caved in, the windows broken out, and the front fenders caved in on our new unit. On the old unit, the bumper's messed up and the headlight's busted out," Bridgeport Police Chief Andy Klotz said.

Klotz said early Saturday morning a female was allegedly being chased by her boyfriend.

She pulled into the municipal building's parking lot, looking to get help.

"The male following her had pulled into the parking lot behind her and smashed into both police units," Klotz said.

Klotz said Curtis Smelley left the scene after the accident and fled to Wheeling Island, where Wheeling police were able to catch up with him.

The damaged cruisers, Bridgeport's only two, are now out of commission.

"We just want to thank Martins Ferry Police Department for letting us borrow one of their cruisers while ours are getting fixed," Klotz said.

Klotz said the department is anxious to get their cruisers back from repair.

"As soon as possible," Klotz said.

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