DetectaChem Releases Automated CBD/THC Differentiation Field Test Kit

Oct. 25, 2019
New smartphone-based test helps law enforcement navigate legal complexities of multi-state trafficking, grow farm regulations and usage of CBD and THC products

STAFFORD, Texas, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DetectaChem, the global leader in handheld drug and explosive detection technology, in response to overwhelming industry demand, has released the CBD/THC Differentiation Test Pouch for the MobileDetect App which accurately differentiates between CBD and THC while also providing an indication of legal concentration limits. 

In recent years, the legal landscape for CBD and THC products has become exponentially complex. The CBD product market is now a multi-billion-dollar industry with varying legality across the United States. The THC/marijuana market continues to expand and adapt as legality varies by state and city while still remaining illegal at a federal level.

Due to this complexity, law enforcement agencies face increasing challenges managing interstate trafficking, grow farms and production, seizures and alignment with regulatory agencies.

In response, state, local and federal law enforcement agencies have been seeking an accurate and reliable field test. To address this need, DetectaChem has released the CBD/THC Differentiation Test Pouch for the MobileDetect App. Law enforcement officers can now obtain a fast and accurate automated CBD and THC differentiation result with a field test kit that agencies of all sizes can afford.

The CBD/THC Differentiation Test Pouch has been specifically engineered and developed with input and feedback from law enforcement agencies across the country and tested against hundreds of CBD and THC products. As an industry-first, the MobileDetect App also provides an automated presumptive determination of THC content above the federal 0.3% limit. The app can generate and send probable cause PDF result reports together with photos, time and date stamp, GPS mapping and more.

"At DetectaChem, we pride ourselves on delivering powerful and reliable products that help federal, state and local authorities make the world a safer place," said Travis Kisner, Chief Operating Officer of DetectaChem. "Today, we are continuing that mission by delivering a powerful new tool that enables the law enforcement community to cut through the legal quagmire of multi-state trafficking, grow farm regulations and usage of CBD and THC products." Visit the DetectaChem CBD/THC Differentiation Test Pouch Product Page for more information and purchasing. The free MobileDetect App is available on Apple and Android app stores.To view a short video on the new CBD/THC Differentiation Test Pouch for MobileDetect, click here.

About DetectaChem Inc.                                                          DetectaChem is a Texas, USA-based privately-held company and manufacturer of rapidly deployable, handheld, intelligent, and easy-to-operate detection systems deployed globally. DetectaChem is proud to be a strong supporter of the U.S. military, law enforcement and all first responders that protect our country. More information at

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