Podcast: On Digital Evidence

Aug. 14, 2013
A talk with Flashback Data's David McGroty on digital forensics and a few tips on sending in evidence

You've dropped your smartphone into a pool during a summer's party ... again. You've tried the rice trick to dry it out—but it won't even start up. Enter a data recovery lab.

Now, let's say a suspect throws a smartphone in a pool in an attempt to destory evidence and keep his "contacts" safe from your investigation. Enter the digital forensic lab—and often it's the very same location as the recovery lab.

Editor Jonathan Kozlowski speaks with David McGroty, Director of Computer Forensics of Flashback Data. The company is a privately-owned and accredited lab for data recovery and forensics.

We discuss the difference between "data recovery" and "data forensics", how he got into the position as well as a little advice for officers sending in digital devices for processesing. Most surprising being if the suspect's phone is found on the bottom of the pool—keep it in the water. McGroty explains.

Length: 36:26

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