The 'Ecosystem' Approach To Mobile Forensics

May 13, 2019
To eliminate processing backlogs, extract more evidence from cellular phones, and improve the speed and effectiveness of investigations, the Ecosystem approach puts the right mobile forensic tools in the right places.
Digital evidence from mobile phones has been an important issue for law enforcement since mobile phones came into widespread use in the 1980s. Today, it’s hard to overstate the importance of mobile forensic evidence in most criminal investigations. It continues to grow in importance, now that virtually every person carries one or multiple mobile phones, uses scores of mobile apps, uses wearable digital devices, and more.

“In most investigations today, the single most important piece of evidence is a cellular phone,” said former FBI Director James Comey, speaking to a law enforcement conference in 2016.

But too often, the power and potential of mobile forensics are not being realized. Many police agencies send every phone to a lab, creating backlogs and delays. It can take months for investigators to get results, and cases don’t move forward.

We asked the question: “What if front-line police officers and investigators could acquire and evaluate mobile evidence in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months?”

Learn more about faster, more effective mobile forensic solutions for law enforcement here. 

About MSAB

MSAB is a world leader in mobile forensics technology with the aim of extracting and analyzing data from confiscated mobile devices, mainly mobile phones. The company has its own sales offices and sales representatives in Europe, North America, South America, China, Australia and Russia, and together with a number of distributors covers most of the world. The company's proprietary products have become a de facto standard in the field and are used for securing evidence in over 100 countries. The products are complemented by a wide range of training courses, with the opportunity to become certified in a forensically sound method of extracting data from mobile devices. Customers are primarily authorities involved in performing criminal investigations, and include police, military and customs.

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