Product News: 12 New Products for Investigations

Aug. 12, 2019
New products for evidence management and forensics

As the body-worn camera has become "normal," one can only wonder the next concept to go mainstream; what law enforcement technology will help direct law enforcement 10 to 20 years from now. The intuitive product helped make officers a walking, talking, surveillance system capturing evidence. 

It's what to do with that evidence, how to manage it, and what can be done in the crime lab is the inspiration for this week's collection.

Here are 12 Investigations Products

As featured in the Law Enforcement Product News July/August 2019 issue.

Enhanced cloud and decryption

Oxygen Forensics’ Detective features builds on 18+ years of digital forensics capabilities to support the growing needs of investigators with expanded support for smartphones in addition to new tools to examine connected home devices, smartwatches, and encrypted cloud data when involved in criminal activity. The software is leveraged by investigators in thousands of cases around the world to provide prosecutors with the digital evidence necessary to solve crimes and make the world a safer place.

The latest update, 11.3, includes full data access to the Parrot drone. Previous updates allows users to import and parse Parrot’s flight logs extracted from an installed mobile app or a drone physical dump, 11.3 brings an industry exclusive ability to extract complete flight history from MyParrot cloud.

Oxygen Forensic Detective 11.3 offers access to MyParrot cloud via login/password or token entered in Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extractor. Oxygen Forensic KeyScout utility can detect a login and password if they were entered in a web browser on a computer. 

Change the way you initiate gun crime investigations 

ShotSpotter Inc’s. Investigative Lead Summary (ILS) crime scene tool can change the way law enforcement initiates gun crime investigations. The tool provides valuable data on the location, sequence and timing of each round fired in a gun shooting incident and is designed to enable investigators to conduct better interviews of witnesses, suspects and victims, as well as lead to better collection of evidence. The new ILS is now available from the mobile, web or desktop versions of the ShotSpotter Respond app to assist officers on scene responding to a gunshot alert.

In addition to the ILS for police departments, ShotSpotter offers prosecutors the option of a Detailed Forensic Report (DFR)—a court-admissible document that produces similar information, but is thoroughly researched by forensic engineers for validation. ShotSpotter will also provide a qualified expert witness, as needed, to work with prosecutors for consultation or courtroom testimony.

See better, see more

The Nomad Scene Lights from FoxFury Lighting Solutions now have upgraded lumens. The already powerful Nomad NOW, Prime, 360, and Transformer lights can now throw farther and illuminate surrounding scenes better without sacrificing run time. The Nomads are self-contained scene lights that are rechargeable, cordless, and waterproof. The Nomad NOW, compact and versatile scene light has increased from 2,500 to 3,000 lumens. The Nomad Prime spotlight has increased from 4,000 to 5,000 lumens. The Nomad 360, a self-contained 360˚ scene light, has increased from 7,000 to 8,000 lumens. The Nomad Transformer, FoxFury’s tallest and most powerful scene light, has increased from 14,000 to 16,000 lumens. 

Automatic digital hashing of scan data

FARO’s Digital Signature is the automatic digital hashing of scan data on FARO’s line of Focus Laser Scanners.

FARO’s Digital Signature provides encrypted security to all raw scans by hashing data at the time of capture. With this new automatic digital hashing feature, FARO customers can show that their raw scan data has not been altered from the time the scans were captured. This represents the first of its kind to secure the integrity of 3D data capture at its source. Whenever a scan is captured, the data is now digitally “signed” and an industry-standard algorithm is used to map each raw scan to a single number. 

For fire investigations and responders  

Morphix Technologies renamed its Arson Investigation Kit to be the Fire Investigator Safety Kit. This configuration of Morphix Technologies’ Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband provides responders, law enforcement, and fire scene investigators with an easy-to-use, low-cost tool to identify dangerous levels of toxic chemicals in the investigation after a fire. 

Designed to meet space and budget needs

HEMCO’s UniLine Furniture offerings include Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Countertops, Sinks, Fixtures, Base-Tables, Mobile Work Stations, Specialty Storage Cabinets and Peg Boards. Their UniLine Casework Groupings are designed to incorporate the most popular casework styles in a complete package. Services can also include a complete turnkey installation to ensure the one source quality standards that you expect and deserve.

Instant timeline-based event tagging for videos from multiple devices

PRO-VISION Video Systems’ enhanced In-Field Tagging feature for its SecuraMax evidence management software makes managing evidence easier than ever. The enhanced feature allows officers in the field to immediately apply the same tags—such as a specific incident tag—to videos captured by both their PRO-VISION HD In-Car Video Systems and BODYCAM BC-300 body-worn cameras simultaneously. Officers can also apply tags at the end of their shifts for ultimate flexibility.

This advancement helps to simplify the evidence management process, eliminating the need to waste time on redundantly adding the same evidence tags to the same timeline-based event videos from different devices. 

More investigative tools for violent crimes and unidentified remains cases

Bode Technology’s Forensic Genealogy Service, an offering to law enforcement investigators and crime laboratories, combines advanced DNA testing and genealogy to develop ancestral relationships between samples and deliver leads.

The FGS program is a logical expansion of its service offerings to support the law enforcement community. By incorporating Bode’s accredited forensic laboratory, accredited clinical testing laboratories, and board certified and experienced genealogists, Bode has developed a high-quality, turn-key solution for our clients from sample submission through confirmation testing. 

AI powered redaction software 

AXON’s Redaction Assistant is the first advanced artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool to be offered to law enforcement agencies and prosecutors through the Axon network. Redaction Assistant is a productivity tool built to increase efficiency for agencies who currently spend up to eight hours manually redacting each hour of body camera video footage. Redaction Assistant is available now to agencies in the US, UK, and Canada as a software add-on and is included automatically for US agencies on Axon’s Officer Safety Plan (OSP) 7+.

Redaction Assistant is included in Axon’s Redaction Studio. It is Axon’s first advanced redaction product to be powered by AI. Currently, when redacting video footage, users are manually drawing boxes around objects frame-by-frame. With Redaction Assistant, the AI detects a license plate, face or screen and automatically draws a box around it so the user can then confirm whether it is an object that needs to be redacted. The workflow is streamlined so the video is redacted and ready to share with the public much more quickly.

The face detection tool detects that there is a human face in the frame and redacts it—it does not identify the individual to whom the face belongs, neither does it recognize their race, age, gender, etc. The technology is similar to what is found in almost all cell phone cameras where objects of interest, such as faces, are detected to improve the lighting conditions of the captured image.

The City of Kent Law Department is one of several agencies that began partnering with Axon in the first quarter of 2019 to trial Redaction Assistant. In the first three weeks of using Redaction Assistant, the department found that their video redaction workload decreased by 81%. 

A pay-as-you-go program to get the body cameras you need 

WatchGuard’s Body Camera-as-a-Service is immediately available to law enforcement agencies. WatchGuard Inc.’s Body Camera-as-a-Service program provides a pay-as-you- go option for law enforcement agencies looking to bypass the up-front camera costs of starting a bodyworn program and capture the budget predictability and all-inclusive nature of an as-a-service model. In WatchGuard’s program, there’s no need for agencies to raise funds or secure grants to purchase cameras, evidence management software, data storage or on-going maintenance. Officers simply put the cameras on and pay as they go.

The program makes use of WatchGuard’s VISTA body-worn cameras, cloud-based evidence management platform with unlimited HD video storage, unlimited users and unlimited video sharing, No-Fault Hardware Warranty and 24/7 Support Service. The program is modeled after software-as-a-service offerings whereby the provider commits to delivering an expected experience and level of service to the customer for a fixed price. 

For the areas where you shouldn’t wear synthetic clothing

The Uniform Cotton Polo in men’s and women’s styles offers an alternative for arson investigators and others who work in synthetic-prohibitive environments. Made from 100% wrinkle-resistant Egyptian cotton, this snag- and pill-resistant polo is not prone to melting like a synthetic fiber such as polyester and offers a superior feel and performance.

Providing actionable intelligence

CrimeCenter Software’s Intelligence module will provide law enforcement with increasingly actionable intelligence within a straightforward, web-based system that empowers decision-making and helps agencies manage tips, counteract threats and crack down on gang activity.

CrimeCenter makes it possible for intelligence investigators and analysts to efficiently write reports, find logical connections and analyze information—all within one accessible, affordable and scalable tool. In addition, the platform automates the complex and burdensome process of tracking, reviewing and purging data, as required for 28 CFR Part 23 compliance. Documents can be marked with classifications and access to intelligence data can be restricted to users with appropriate security clearance, ensuring secure information collection, rating and routing for quick follow-up.

“This application aims to bring more compliant and actionable data to intelligence units, so they can review gang members, track their activity, register confidential informants, protect their identity and keep the entire database up to date,” explains Mike Cunningham, operations manager, CrimeCenter Software. “What makes the system usable is the security built into it that drives a more efficient intelligence process. Plus, we’re excited about our integration with Whooster as it gives agencies access to the most up-to-date data within one single platform.”

The offering fully integrates with Whooster, a leading open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigative database provider utilized by law enforcement agencies. Agencies can make searches directly in their case folder, streamlining the process for background investigations and increasing their ability to connect the dots between people, phone records, casework and investigative leads.

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