Omnilink Systems Selected by Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems

July 20, 2007
For its winning bid to provide offender monitoring services to the Kansas Department of Corrections (Kansas DOC), Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems (RMOMS) selected Omnilink Systems as its preferred technology partner.

ATLANTA (July 9, 2007) --

For its winning bid to provide offender monitoring services to the Kansas Department of Corrections (Kansas DOC), Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems (RMOMS) selected Omnilink Systems as its preferred technology partner. A pioneer of vital status service technology, Omnilink provides sophisticated location awareness information in real-time, offering the industry's only product that is completely waterproof and capable of tracking people and valuable assets inside buildings, buses, trains and more.

As a partner with RMOMS for the Kansas DOC, the Omnilink/RMOMS partnership began system implementation in October of 2006 tracking fewer than 20 offenders. One month later, more than 300 offenders were and are tracked by Omnilink's Focalpoint 2.0 system, a combination of ankle devices linked to Web-enabled mapping software that keeps offenders in check.

"We are proud to assist RMOMS and the Kansas DOC in their efforts to enhance public safety through wireless offender monitoring," says Steve Aninye, CEO of Omnilink Systems. "Our hope is that Focalpoint 2.0, and especially its real-time mobile alert feature, relieves Kansas monitoring officers from the old model of having to watch the computer screen all day to track offenders. Our technology will notify the monitoring personnel if exceptions occur, which means that they can now focus on managing their case loads as opposed to managing the technology."

Omnilink's Focalpoint 2.0 monitoring solution brings an unprecedented level of efficiency and effectiveness to offender management, asset tracking, including loss prevention, surveillance as well as personal and public safety. The company uses a combination of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), wireless network technologies, RFID and situation-specific sensors to transmit information to a monitoring center using commercial cellular networks and then applying predefined supervision rules on a Web-based application.

Recently updated in conjunction with law enforcement feedback, Omnilink's Focalpoint 2.0 also features automated voice alerts when an offender location violation has occurred. In addition, Focalpoint 2.0 offers a victim safeguard that tracks the victims' off-the-shelf cell phones, in addition to the related offender, and then alerts both the victim and law enforcement when the two are within a designated proximity to each other.

"Omnilink's superior offender monitoring solution, which was the most cost-effective option, all but eliminated nuisance violation alerts, which required research and resolution time from our staff. This feature, combined with automatic alert system, enables us to effectively manage more offenders with the same staff," said Daniel A. Beeck, General Manager of RMOMS. "Our approach allows the judicial system to use prison resources for the highest risk offenders, while ensuring that the others are appropriately tracked and deterred from committing additional infractions."

About Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems

Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems is a for-profit agency founded in 2001. It provides offender management systems to the criminal justice agencies throughout the Western Region of the United States, including high-risk offender tracking with GPS technology, jail population mitigation programs, day reporting services, as well as probation services. RMOMS has 15 offices in the region.

About Omnilink Systems

Omnilink combines an unwavering commitment to innovation, thought leadership and trust building in its pioneering and development of technologies within the Vital Status Services (VSS) industry. Omnilink builds the most powerful, durable and reliable technology platform that provides pinpoint location services and unparalleled performance in environments where other technologies will not work using a unique combination of GPS, RFID and situation specific sensors. Omnilink offers the most accurate, reliable, and efficient solutions to control, manage, and protect people and valuable assets when it matters. Omnilink's VSS solutions focus more on personal and public safety, loss prevention and surveillance. For more information, please visit or call 678-624-5900.

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