Denver Police Officer Goes Above and Beyond

Dec. 4, 2013
Officer Dwayne Huddleston did much more than just save a woman's life following a welfare check.

A Denver police officer who responded to a welfare check in October did much more than just save a woman's life.

Officer Dwayne Huddleston arrived at Alexis Davis' apartment on Oct. 21 after the severe diabetic failed to show up to work and didn't answer her phone.

After initial investigation, the officer decided to force entry into the unit and found the woman in her room, unresponsive, according to a department news release.

Responding paramedics rushed Davis to the hospital where she was stabilized, but still not out of the woods.

Huddleston met with her family the next day and together, they prayed for her recovery.

The officer also met with the woman's 7-year-old son, Landon, showed him his police cruiser and arranged for him to visit the firehouse to meet with the firefighters and paramedics who assisted his mother.

Although Davis' condition continued to vary, she finally woke up without any brain damage.

She was able to meet those that saved her, including Huddleston.

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