Reading Body Language

April 3, 2012 - April 3, 2012
This basic course with advanced insights examines the indicators of people in agreement or disagreement with you.

Seguin, Texas

United States

Course Content: This basic course with advanced insights examines the indicators of people in agreement or disagreement with you. Attendees will also see signs of a person considering then preparing attack, those telling lies and those feeling other variable emotions. This course looks at the technical channels, controls and human nature that can guide the language of our body. This course gives you confidence by learning the signs and helps you gain confidence to interpret for your safety, for your insight or for inquires and investigations. Captain Joe Puckett (former administrator) has responded to critical incidents, dealt with difficult people, dangerous offenders and many deceptive people in his 21 years of law enforcement experience. During his career he developed an extreme interest in human behavior and the human response to words, actions and other influences. With his experience and interest he developed an edge by focusing on reading the body's often unconscious languages of danger, deception and various supporting attitudes and emotions. Joe Puckett received many awards during his career from the national, state and local level for his investigative skills, insights, instruction and hard work ethic. He has instructed thousands of public safety, criminal justice, fire, government and corporate personnel in various aspects of the body's languages and influences since 1991. Joe Puckett also brings to this training his diverse experience which included service as a crisis/hostage negotiator, first respon! der, investigator, law enforcement administrator, human resources experiences, airport and event / location security, dignitary protection and dealing with the public on non-criminal related matters. Mr. Puckett receives high ratings from attendees on his ability to instruct, his knowledge, his fairness and his ability to speak to various experience levels and disciplines. Course Intended for: - Police (All Law Enforcement) - Airport & School Police - Security Personnel - Liquor & Gaming Control - Corrections - Investigators - Probation - Trainers - Children’s Services Personnel - Supervisors & Managers - FBI - CBP - DEA - ICE - BLM - USFS - Emergency Managers - Specialty & Critical Incident Teams - SWAT & Tactical Teams - Transportation Personnel - Inspectors & Examiners - Reserves / Volunteers - Licensing Investigators - Court & School Personnel

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