David M Merton Sr.

President / Owner
Phone: 817-301-5106

DMMSR, LLC is a company owned and founded by a police officer; it is the umbrella company of The Heads Up Mic Clip.  My name is David Merton; I have been a patrolman working the streets for my entire 8 years of police service.  During that time I always ran into the issue of keeping the microphone for my handheld radio secured to my uniform.  Time after time, whether I was involved in a fight, foot pursuit, or other type of physical activity, at times my mic would become detached from my uniform and swinging down around my knees.  Of course that was unacceptable and prompted me to come up with the design that would solve the problem.  When we go to work, we never know what we will run into at any given time during our shift.  Officer safety is what gets us home to our families at the end of our tour, I believe that The Heads Up Mic Clip is a piece of equipment that will help keep me and my fellow officers safe.

The Heads Up Mic Description

The Heads Up Mic Clip enables the patrol officer to effectively secure the hand-held, radio microphone directly under the chin.  This keeps the officer from having to turn his/her head to speak into the mic, enabling the officer to keep his/her head oriented towards the front and optimizing peripheral vision for officer safety.  The Heads Up Mic Clip also gives the officer the ability to activate the mic in an emergency situation if the hands become busy or rendered useless to access the mic’s talk button.

Many officers secure their mic either by clipping to the shoulder epaulet of their uniform shirt, by using a strap that connects the mic to the shoulder epaulet.  In other instances, officers may secure their mic by clipping it to the front of their uniform shirt, in between two buttons.  Both of these methods create officer safety issues:

1.   By having the mic secured on either shoulder epaulet, the officer has to turn his/her head toward the mic to speak into the mic.  This takes the officer’s view away from potential danger and limits his/her field of vision.  The officer also has to reach in an un-natural manner to activate the mic, using either hand.  Normally when the mic is positioned in this manner it poses another officer safety issue as the mic cord is usually fed around the officer’s back allowing the cord to be possibly used to strangle the officer during a fight.  Having the mic positioned directly underneath the officer’s chin, the officer will not have to take his/her attention away from what is going on within the field of view

2.   By having the mic secured to the front of the shirt in between two buttons, it is apparent, that the clip on the back of the mic will not keep it secured.  If involved in a fight, the mic will become unattached and end up swinging around the officer’s knees and will be useless.  This mic clip keeps the mic firmly secured and in place, ready for use.

3.   If your hands become ‘busy’ or unable to be used, the officer will still be able to activate the PTT button on the mic to call for help.

The Heads Up Mic Clip keeps your radio mic right where it belongs and allows you to keep your focus on the task at hand.  Not having to worry about keeping your mic secure or having to find it during a fight when you need help is critical to your safety and your family’s peace of mind.